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The Top 10 Ways a Youth1 Media Profile Can Get You Through These Uncertain Times

With Covid cases rising many states are considering or already implementing restrictions and lock-downs on public gatherings. That means that sporting events this winter could be in jeopardy depending on where you live. We know this is incredibly frustrating, but here at Youth1 we try to extend a silver lining to every situation. A HUGE part of the recruiting process happens off the field and if your games and camps are in jeopardy now is a great time to focus on the things you can control off the field. 

At Youth1 we've helped thousands of athletes get noticed and get the recruiting process off on the right foot. But don't just take our word for it:

"YOUTH 1 is like DJ [Uiagalelei]'s personal family member that follows him through his life's journeys and experiences with sports. They have been there through thick and thin, from day one with DJ. That's why I consider the Youth 1 staff my close family. Thank you YOUTH 1 for all that you've done for DJ, and all the kids you have blessed by providing a first-class platform where people across the country can read about amazing youth talent. God bless you all." - Dave Uiagalelei

If you don't know who DJ Uigaleleli is, you will soon. He's a five star recruit and the No. 2 ranked QB prospect in the country for the class of 2020. He's going to Clemson next year and it's believed that he's going to take over under center when Trevor Lawrence enters the NFL Draft in 2021. 

And in case that wasn't enough here's another testimonial from one of our hundreds of case studies:

"Youth1 has supported my son Carlos Cervantes since day 1. and because of that I have been contacted constantly by coaches and camps that would like to meet Carlos and have him attend their camps. Which has simply made Carlos a better football player and athlete on and off the field. On top of that Carlos has participated in the Y1ACT 3 times to kinda get a feel where he stands with his current 2022 class. Carlos and myself just can't say enough about Youth1 and their entire staff and how they have supported us through Carlos and his youth football years and journey. He wouldn't be where he is at if it wasn't for Youth1. Thank You Youth1!" - Dale Deno

And it all started when Carlos and his dad created a Youth1 Media Profile.

Believe it or not we actually have MORE to offer our Youth1 members than we did when we started covering DJ back in 2015 and Carlos in 2017. And with the current crisis inflicted by the coronavirus, it's a perfect opportunity for every athlete out there to start taking advantage. 

Here are the top 10 ways a Youth1 Media Profile can help you not just get through this, but thrive. A Youth1 Profile...


1. Gets you into the Y1ACT Online Camp & Combine


You might be thinking that your dreams of attending a camp this spring or summer have gone bust. Well Youth1 is still give you a chance.


We’re very excited to announce the Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine. It’s the only camp of it’s kind that athletes and parent attend completely online that still has the classroom guidance, performance evaluation and physical training of an in-person camp. 


All participants will get classroom instruction from videos with tips to help them become the most attractive student-athlete for the next level and guidance on how to navigate the recruiting process, an evaluation of their highlight tape by our scouts and talent evaluators and a chance to learn the best ways to compete in a combine and take a unique online physical combine themselves. 


We’re offering 10 spots on our three top prospect reports: The Elite101, Freshman450 and NextUp watchlist to the top performers from the online camp. 


You can sign up to compete in the camp at a special price here, or get it as an added benefit for Blue Chip Membership. With the Blue Chip Membership you not only get to compete in this once-in-a-lifetime camp, but you’ll also get a spotlight article written about you by our staff, receive a video interview from our football editor and receive a scouting report. 


Don’t miss out, sign up today. 



2. Puts you in front of coaches and scouts without needing to attend camps


Camp cancellations aren’t just a bummer for athletes. They’re a bummer for scouts, coaches, and elite event organizers who typically rely on camps to find players for their teams and elite showcases. 


A Youth1 player profile is shared with the world, so all of the important people who make these decisions have a chance to find you. 


A Youth1 Profile is truly the best way to get noticed. 



3. Lets you email college coaches directly


If you’re an athlete who wants to be recruited our #1 tip is to be proactive. Coaches and scouts only have so many hours in a day to find athletes. And these days technology bombards them with distractions and other athletes who get in the way of them finding you. But we have a solution. 


Our Blue Chip Membership comes with Recruiting Wizard, which lets you email college coaches directly. Any coach will tell you that a message directly from an athlete with a proper introduction and some extra information goes a long way. It shows a coach that the athlete cares. 


Recruiting Wizard lets you directly message the college coaches from coaches at every level of college football, no matter how big or small. 


A Blue Chip Membership makes you stand out from the crowd.


4. Gives you a chance to make the Elite101, Freshman450, Sophomore Spotlight 200 and NextUp Watchlist

For middle school and freshman athletes one of the best ways to get noticed is to be named a top prospect on one of our lists. 


If you go back and look at the Elite101 lists from the last six years you’ll notice that we’ve consistently put the best players in the country on the map. 


This year since we can’t travel the country to see all of the talent in person, we’re using profiles to organize how we watch the highlight videos of players that we want to scout. 


While you certainly don’t have a membership to be named to one of these lists it does make it easier for us to find you if you have a Media Profile. 



5. Shows the world that you’re a serious athlete


Going the extra mile goes a long way. While other athletes are resting on their laurels, the athletes who do whatever they can to prove how much they want to achieve their dreams are going to succeed. And the world notices this. 


Top coaches at every level want an athlete who takes sports and their future seriously. With Youth1 Player Profile you not only get to organize and promote your most important information as a student-athlete, but promote yourself as someone who really cares. 

6. Gets you promoted on social media


It’s one thing to make instagram posts and tweets about yourself, but that’s just one step. Having a team like Youth1 in your corner, promoting you and rooting you on helps you get in front of so many more people. Sports are a numbers game and we give you an edge in that department. 


7. Gives you the star treatment of a Spotlight Article


Our readers come to to read about the best of youth sports. With a player profile they’ll be reading about you in a spotlight article. 


A spotlight article gives every student athlete what they crave: attention for their skills and accomplishments. 


Our members get contacted by one of our professional sports writers for an interview. After the interview our writer publishes a spotlight article with that athlete’s complete story including their accomplishments on and off the field, direct quotes from the athletes and their coaches and friends. 


8. Gives you a personal scouting report so you can improve your game.


How can you get better if you don’t know what your strengths and weaknesses are? We’ve spent the last decade watching and evaluating thousands of athlete’s highlight videos. 


Our talent evaluators will watch your highlight tape and publish a scouting report for you that promotes the things you do well and give you areas for improvement.


The current situation around the world gives all athletes and excellent opportunity to work on their areas of improvement and hit the field with newly improved skills and confidence in their performances. 


While the other guy is watching TV and playing video games you can be getting better. And when you both take the field in the future, guess who’s going to win.



9. Gives you points to put toward a college tuition


All of our members receive tuition rewards points from our partners when they sign up for a profile. Tuition rewards points are redeemable at over 400 public and private colleges across the country. When you sign up for a Youth1 Player Profile you'll receive 1,000 tuition rewards point, which is good for $1000 off of tuition at any of the participating college.

Yes, you read that right. By signing up for a Youth1 Player Profile you will get at least $1,000 off of your college tuition at one of the schools that participate. 

Who can afford not to sign up?



10. Keeps you in the loop on updates relating to your sports with access to our top prospect reports


How can you be the best if you don’t know who your competition is? Every year we publish the NextUp Watchlist, Elite101, Freshman450, reports that name the best 7th, 8th and 9th graders in the country respectively. These lists are not just a great resource for media, scouts and coaches, but also serve as great inspiration for athletes that aspire to be the bets. 


Find out who the top players in the country are, what makes them tick and then go out and try to be them or beat them.


Athletes who want to be the best aren’t letting the coronavirus situation get them down, they’re using it to take a jump ahead of the field. And it all starts with a Youth1 Player Profile. 


Sign up for a Youth1 Profile now. 



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