2027 WR/DB Jamel Hammary is an athlete to keep an eye on from New Jersey | Youth1

2027 WR/DB Jamel Hammary is an athlete to keep an eye on from New Jersey

New Jersey is a state known for its football talent. Youth1 has covered countless talented youth prospects from the Tri-State area over the years. Among the rising youth talents with a growing buzz is 2027 WR/DB Jamel Hammary.

Standing at 6'1" 156 lbs., Hammary is a talented receiver with great hands and sound route-running ability. With his impressive size and frame, Hammary makes an ideal target for his QB.

"I play WR. I enjoy moving the chains and scoring. I also play Safety. I enjoy baiting and reading the QB to be able to catch interceptions," Hammary told Youth1.com.

"Some of my strengths are route-running, strong hands, and ability to beat someone deep or win jump balls," He added when asked about his strengths. 

Turn on the film and you'll see a receiver who catches everything thrown his direction. He serves as a big target for his quarterback, and snags the ball out off the air at its highest point. Don't sleep on Hammary's speed either. Once he gets the ball, he can breakaway with his eyes on scoring or moving the chains.

Hammary has a chance to have an incredible season, as he'll serve as a primary target for 2027 QB Kahden Davis. Davis is a NJ prospect with quite a growing buzz himself.

The Matawan, NJ native has put a lot of work in this offseason as he aims to take his game to the next level.

"I went to a lot of camps this off season, and I also played 7v7 for Air Sports group which helped me become a better route runner," Hammary said.

"The area of my game that I’m working on the most is being able to move my hips and get them stronger," he added.

The future is bright for 2027 WR/DB Jamel Hammary, as he looks for a breakout season for the Air Sports Group 14U team. With his smooth route-running and great hands, the potential is very tantalizing.


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