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QB Grayson Clary is a promising talent from the 2027 class

Among the fast risers from the 2027 class is QB Grayson Clary, who is making waves for his ability on the football field.

Clary, who I've had the pleasure of getting to know a bit via interview (linked below), was named to our Elite101 Rankings a few months back. This ranking highlights the top 101 8th graders from around the nation.

The Central, SC earned the #64 spot on the rankings.

Clary is a budding young talent with immense love for the grind of getting better.

"One of my favorite parts about playing football is being able to go out there with my guys and making it happen week in and week out. I also love the grind to get better and to see the improvements I can get from the grind," Clary told Youth1.com

"I love what one of my coaches used to say, "games are for your parents, practice is for you to become the best that you can be." That has always stuck with me because if I prepare through practice like it is a game, it will make me that much more prepared to dominate when it's gameday," he added.

First and foremost, Clary can really spin it! He throws the ball with a lot of zip. He shines throwing the ball from the pocket, with his ability to make quick reads and deliver a dime. He throws the deep ball on target with ease. He has the accuracy to go with his impressive arm strength. That accuracy allows him to hit his receiver in stride. Clary also shows good mobility, as he can move out the pocket when pressured or on designed plays while keeping his eyes downfield. His throws on the move are accurate as well.

As a young man with many strengths on the field, Clary is most proud of his ability to lead.

"My leadership and work-ethic, but also my ability to fit the ball in windows that most people can't due to my trust in my arm strength," Clary said when asked about his strengths.

With a ton of success as a youth QB, including going 15-0 the past two seasons for his middle school 8th grade team and being named MVP, passing for over 1,200 yards while throwing 19 touchdowns in 7 games with 0 interceptions, and also running for 250 yards with 6 rushing touchdowns, Clary remains determined to continue progressing and ascending.

"I feel that I am working hard to progress with my QB coach Ramon Robinson and my coaches at Daniel High. I feel as if I am making big strides in my footwork, speed/agility, and mental game. I am looking forward to playing with older players that will help me learn and challenge me as I move to the high school level," Clary said.

With high school ball at Daniel High on the horizon, Clary has plans to take his game to another level.

"I will work on my footwork, speed, and reading the defense. Also, I am starting to work on lifting to prepare my body for the next level. I love studying defenses, so the work during the week makes it easier during the plays on Fridays and Saturdays," he said.

2027 QB Grayson Clary is a rising talent worth keeping a major eye on going forward. He's already garnering plenty of attention nationally for his ability, and the sky is truly the limit from here.


For more on Grayson Clary, check out our MMQB interview with him below.


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