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Youth1 Spotlight Interview with 2027 quarterback Krish Dev

Class of 2027 quarterback Krish Dev found a lot of success during his first year of playing tackle football. Krish, a 5-foot-9, 150-pound prospect out of California, is relatively new to playing the quarterback position. Prior to playing tackle football, Krish played flag football. What made him interested in playing football in the first place?

“I don’t really know,” Krish said. “I just picked up a football and wanted to play.” He played wide receiver while playing flag football. His father, Dr. Vip Dev, decided to take a different approach before signing his son up to play tackle football. That decision would eventually lead to a position change for Krish.

“I was always hesitating, because of the age, to let him play tackle football, “ Dr. Dev said. “He had played flag football. I thought: Why not just take him to someone so he could learn how to play tackle football the right way.” Dr. Dev ended up taking him to former NFL quarterback Tyler Ferguson. What Ferguson saw from Krish led to a position change. “Tyler just had him catching,” Dr. Dev said while explaining what happened, “And he noticed that he (Krish) had good form when throwing the football back to him. Tyler said it generally takes a long time for someone to learn how to throw the football with good form.”

After the first hour-long session, the decision to switch Krish from wide receiver was made. That decision paid off as Krish worked with Coach Ferguson to get better before heading into the 2021 season. The results: 30-plus passing touchdowns and over 200 yards passing per game. Krish was not the starter headed into the first game of last season. However, the starting quarterback suffered an injury during warmups before the first game and Krish was pressed into duty. “I was a little nervous during that game,” Krish admitted. “After that first game, I wasn’t nervous anymore.”

The team Krish played for last year was the Bakersfield Cowboys. What’s impressive is that he was only 12-years-old at the time. Krish put in a lot of work before last season and he’s put in a lot of work this past offseason. He trains with Coach Ferguson three to four times per week. Krish has benefited from being able to participate in NFL style workouts with someone who has played in the NFL.

“I’ve gotten better at reading the defense and throwing under the pressure,” Krish said when asked about his improvement as a quarterback. His father gave some more details on what he feels his son has improved on as a quarterback.

“He’s gotten better at understanding the game,” Dr. Dev said. “He’s become a true student of the game. Last year, he was told what he was doing wrong. This year, he actually says it (the things he’s doing wrong) before he’s coming off the field.”

Krish has big goals for this upcoming season for the Tulare Tarheels. He wants to throw for more than 30 touchdowns and rush for at least seven touchdowns. Of course, Krish’s team goal is to win the championship. It seems that Krish is a “natural” at the quarterback position after showing a lot of progress after his first year of playing the position. He switched from the wide receiver position and hasn’t looked back. Krish summed up what he likes about playing the quarterback position in one sentence.

“I can be a leader.”


Krish has three favorite college football teams: Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and Florida

Krish’s favorite NFL players are Kenny Pickett and Patrick Mahomes. He says he likes Mahome’s strength, accuracy, and mobility.


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