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5 Keys to a wicked jump float serve

Source:   Hugh McCutcheonHead coach, University of Minnesota women’s team, former coach of the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams “Since serving is the only skill in volleyball that we have complete control over from beginning to end, a lot of people want to talk about (pre-serve)...
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Need ideas for girls volleyball practice? Start with this video.

Need ideas for girls volleyball practice? Start with this video

How to play error free volleyball

How to play error free volleyball

These are the best youth volleyball drills

Who are the best? This month we launched Youth1’s “Best of,” to acknowledge excellence and hopefully aid parents, coaches and athletes in making sports-related decisions. Every month our staff,...

Get to know the Milwaukee Sting volleyball team

By Bill Pemstein Stories? These folks have some stories. This one from Jenny Hahn, founder of the Milwaukee Sting Club Volleyball Team. "On a trip to Poland, where we stopped at a park for an evening...

John Kessel: My players don't move their feet

Perhaps the most discussed topic on the Facebook group “Volleyball Coaches and Trainers” is the exasperation of coaches who see their players, mostly younger ones, not “move their feet” on serve...

Novi's O'Leary brings home Miss Volleyball award

Brad Emons originally wrote this article. The full article and others like it can be found on the following website: Novi'...

How to Reduce Attack Errors: Eliminate these Costly Mistakes on the Volleyball Court

Volleyball coaches love it when their players go on the attack. But sometimes, the attack can be a little over aggressive and result in a point for the other team. In volleyball terms, that action is...

SPVB wins 14-under national title in Orlando

Illinois-based SPVB sees its 14-under team complete a dominant season by winning the national title in Orlando.