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Youth1 Blue Chip Interview with 2026 RB Parker Johnson

Youth1's Football Director, Ryan Oliver, sat down with 2026 RB Parker Johnson to discuss his love of football, joy of running through opponents, what he brings to his team's locker room, and much more!   {{99753}}  

Register for The Youth1 Spotlight Showcase July 17th Gillette, New Jersey

The First Youth1 Spotlight Showcase will be July 17th in New Jersey!

Top Ranked Athlete 2022 QB Chase Harrison commits to Marshall University

Former Elite101 & Freshman450 prospect, 2022 QB Chase Harrison, declares his commitment to Marshall University.

Last to nominate 2023s for the Sophomore Spotlight 200

Get ready to meet the best sophomore football players in the country. Youth1 Media, the creators of the nation’s premiere top prospect reports for prep athletes, is launching the Sophomore Spotlight...

Dylan Lonergan, Youth1 Member since 2017 picks up 12th offer from Arkansas

When we first met 2023 QB Dylan Lonergan back in 2017 we were asked to put together a highlight tape from his 7th grade film. We could tell right away that he was a special talent. He had tremendous...

Recruiting Tip: LSU on the lookout for "undersized" RBs

Did you know that both of LSU’s top RB recruits are shorter than 5’10? Not surprising when you look at their RB coach, Kevin Faulk. Faulk made a name for himself as an receiving back at LSU and in...

State Rankings are coming soon. Nominate yourself now!

Youth1 is naming top football players in EACH STATE this year! There are bragging rights in all 50 states on the line. Didn’t make the national list for the Freshman450 (2024s), Elite101 (2024s),...

Get instant exposure as a Youth1 Mover and Shaker

Do you want to jump-start your exposure? Does your performance deserve to be noticed more than just in your area? Do you want instant access to the national spotlight? Then you’re a Youth1 Mover and...

The NextUp Watchlist is available now, introducing the top 2026s in the country!

Get ready to meet the best football players in the class of 2026. The NextUp Watchlist is live today! The Next Up Watchlist identifies the the emerging young talents from 7th grade. We know that...