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2024 point guard John Mobley Jr has flash and range like Steph Curry

John Mobley Jr. is a 12-year old from Columbus, Ohio. Over the past year Mobley has made a name for himself with his flashy play and impressive highlights. The 5’2 point guard has become a viral sensation but don’t let that fool you, Mobley’s work ethic is the reason behind all of his young...

2022 point guard Kareem Rozier is the total package

Kareem Rozier is a 13-year old point guard from Detroit, Michigan. Rozier is currently playing is AAU ball for Bates Fundamentals, in his latest season playing for Bates he averaged 20 points, 10...

Ashwin Upadhyaya looking to make huge improvements over the summer

Ashwin Upadhyaya is a 15-year old point guard from Chantilly, Virginia. Upadhyaya just finished up his freshman season at Freedom High School and is getting ready for the summer.

Lebron James Jr shows off shooting ability in newest highlight mix

Lebron James is in the middle of another impressive playoff run, despite that last week he took some time out of his schedule to see his oldest son Lebron James Jr. participate in the Dru Joyce...

2021 guard Aryan Arora models game after CJ McCollum

Aryan Arora is a 15-year old combo guard from Tuxedo Park, New York. Arora is a freshman at Dwight-Englewood School, he finished up he first season of high school basketball in which he averaged 17....

2021 point guard Lorenzo Washington looks up to Kyrie Irving

Lorenzo Washington is a 15-year old point guard from Middletown, New York. Last time we checked on Washington he was a 5’1, 7th grader looking to make a name for himself on the national scene....

2023 point guard Colin Porter has flair like Steve Nash

Colin Porter is a 14-year old point guard from Sandy Hook, Kentucky. Porter made a name for himself last year at the D-Rich TV Camp and followed it up with another big time performance at the MSHTV...

Emoni Bates and Ty Rodgers trade buckets in 2022 showdown

This past weekend Bates Fundamentals played The Family 15u providing a matchup between two of the best players in the class of 2022.

Shaq's son 15-year old Shaqir O'Neal looking to follow older brothers footsteps

Shaqir O’Neal turned 15-years old today; the son of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal also made some headlines this past week playing up a grade at the PH Series in Los Angeles, California.