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2019 Edition of Youth1's Freshman450 Rankings Officially Released

Youth1's Freshman450 has become a trusted resource for pinpointing the nation's elite athletes in their Freshman year of high school. With more verbal scholarships being offered to pre-high school football players than ever before, it's been proven that elite talent can be identified early on. The...
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Announcement: Youth1's annual football rankings will be released this month!

Youth1's annual football rankings are set to be released in the coming weeks.

NextGen Elite Northeast Showcase brings new top times and jumps to the Y1ACT national stage

The NextGen Elite Northeast Showcase was the Y1ACT’s biggest test of the season so far, with over 200 athletes tested in the 40 yard dash, 5-10-5 shuttle, and broad jump. Aaron Baker from Jersey...

Youth1's Next Up Watchlist officially released

The first edition of Youth1's Next Up Watchlist released. This year's edition features the class of 2024.

Youth1 releases 2018 edition of the Freshman450

The 2018 edition of the Freshman450, takes an in-depth view of the top 450 elite players debuting on the high school scene this season from the 2022 class. The chosen athletes are listed...

Youth1's 2018 Elite101 Rankings Officially Released

Youth1 is proud to announce our annual Elite101 rankings, featuring the Class of 2023.

Youth1's Freshman 450 Rankings Announced

With more verbal scholarships being offered to pre-high school football players than ever before, the Freshman 450 is the nation’s premier listing of the who’s who of the top incoming freshman...

North Jersey Black & Gold State Team South Plainfield Tryout Top Performers

Strong football talent came out to impress at Coach Stan Dennis' North Jersey Black and Gold State Team Tryouts in South Plainfield on Sunday. To work and coach the athletes, Coach Stan was joined by...

Top 5 Football Cleats for the 2017 Football Season

What an athlete wears on their feet is more than for show. In football, game time performance comes down to how fast a player can make a cut or how well they can withstand a block. Having the wrong...