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A look at the top Maryland prospects from 2023-2025

Here at Youth1, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify elite talent at a young age. Many of the talents we've first noticed in 5th, 6th and 7th grade have gone on to be elite athletes at the high school and collegiate level. Today we take a look at the top athletes in Maryland named to our...
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The Sophomore Spotlight 200 by the Numbers

We break down the Sophomore Spotlight 200 by the numbers.

Sophomore Spotlight 200 officially released

Youth1's Sophomore Spotlight 200 has officially been released. The Sophomore Spotlight 200 adds to another age group to Youth1’s already comprehensive repertoire of top prospect reports including the...

5 eye-popping athletes from the Freshman450

We recently released our annual Freshman450. This list provides a snapshot of the athletes we believe are the top 450 athletes in the 9th grade. This year's edition featured an extremely talented...

2019 Edition of the Next Up Watchlist officially released

This year's Next Up Watchlist features the 2025 class. Find out who's got next!

The 2019 Edition of the Elite101 Rankings by the numbers

Youth1 Media's annual Elite101 Rankings were recently released. This year's edition featured the extremely talented athletes from the 2024 class. To provide further insight into 2019 edition of...

2019 Edition of Youth1's Elite101 Rankings Officially Released

Youth1's long anticipated Elite101 Rankings are now available! This year's edition features the stellar athletes from the 2024 class.

2019 Edition of the Freshman450 by the Numbers

Here's a breakdown of the 2019 edition of Youth1's Freshman450 by the numbers.

2019 Edition of Youth1's Freshman450 Rankings Officially Released

Youth1 Media presents the 2019 edition of the Freshman450! This year's edition features the stellar 2023 class, headlined by athletes like Treyaun Webb, Brennan Storer, Ryan Adams, Cody Shelton and...