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2028 WR Marcus Fisher Jr. is one of California's rising youth talents

Among the rising talents from the 2028 class is California WR Marcus Fisher Jr., who is building a reputation for his talent on the football field. The Anaheim, CA native has only one year of tackle football under his belt, and the potential he has is already showing results.

The 5'8" 140-pound pass catcher enjoys playing the position and has a natural ability that stands out when you watch his film. With a sturdy frame, soft hands and quality route-running, Fisher has the makeup of a big time receiver.

For Fisher, he just likes making the big play.

"The thrill of when I make a big catch or play," Fisher Jr. said of his favorite part of playing football.

Fisher most recently played for the SaddleBack Valley Blue Bears where his team went undefeated for the season. They won the Wescon Championship, earning them a spot in the Pop Warner Super Bowl. He also scored 12 touchdowns during the season.

"Getting off the quick, catching the ball well, and getting separation," Fisher said of his strengths.

Fisher is dedicated to getting better and becoming the best football player he can be. He's working out 6 days a week as he prepares for his next season.

As he looks to improve his game, Fisher has a few aspects of his game he's working on. "My route running is number 1 and trying to read the defense better as well," he said.

Marcus Fisher Jr. is a rising talent oozing with potential. He has the skills and upside to be one of 2028 gems. It's no surprise that he models his game after two of the NFL's elite talents. 

"OBJ & Justin Jefferson because of their route running, catching ability, and swag," Fisher said.

The talent is there, and it will be exciting to follow Marcus Fisher Jr.'s journey from here.


 Please check out our Spotlight Interview with Fisher below!


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