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Intro 2018: GA'S Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence.Trevor.2018.Action9Sitting 45 minutes Northwest of Atlanta is the town of Cartersville, Georgia where 2018 quarterback prospect Trevor Lawrence is quickly becoming a prospect to watch as he enters high school next year at Cartersville.  The 63, 165 lb. signal caller wrapped up a tremendous youth career this year by leading the Cartersville Middle School Purple Hurricanes to a Region Championship with an 8-1 record.

Lawrence, a dual-threat quarterback, made plays all season long and put up impressive numbers to boot.  On the year he threw for 1,173 yards and 18 touchdowns in addition to his 333 rushing yards and nine touchdowns.  For his efforts he was named to the 2013 All Region Team and led the league in passing yards and touchdowns.  With those numbers came multiple opportunities to play in many All-Star and All-American games, but Lawrence turned them all down.  To see his 2013 highlights, click here.

I turned down opportunities to play in several All-Star games so I could play in the FBU National Championship tournament, said Lawrence.

Lawrence was the starting quarterback for the 8th grade Team Georgia-GFL team that won its second consecutive 8th grade FBU National Championship title at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas this January.

Lawrence.Trevor.2018.RotatorThe FBU National Championship was fun, he said. It was a combination of great coaches and great players willing to work hard for the team.

Prior to this season Lawrence showed glimpses of the type of player he was evolving in to with a good showing in the Georgia/Florida Future Stars Game in July.

With this youth career all but in the rearview at this point, Lawrence has his eyes set on becoming an impact player on the varsity level as a freshman.  He's just starting to lift weights on a regular basis, has several training sessions a month with his QB trainer Ron Veal and has a number of camps lined up.

This off-season I'm going to attend the Adidas Showcase, FBU camp in Atlanta and several SEC/ACC day camps.

Off the field Lawrence is a well-rounded student-athlete with a 4.0 GPA who takes all honors classes.  He's also very active in his church, serving as a member of the Tabernacle Baptist Church and in church youth groups.


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