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24 Top Training Facilities for youth football players in Texas

24 Youth Football Training Facilities for Players in Texas


The best youth athletes know that simply joining a gym isn’t going to provide the personal attention they need to improve their game on the field.


They need to work with trainers who will tailor their workouts to improve their agility and skills as well as their endurance and strength. They need to work with coaches and former athletes who know what recruiters are looking for in the next generation of player. They need specialists.


Fortunately, Texas has plenty of youth athlete-specific and football-specific training facilities. These facilities offer a range of unique and specialized services: focusing on particular age groups, providing high level evaluation analytics, rehabilitation programs, or individualized attention. Some even offer remote coaching services for off-site training, so your student can get the attention he needs to improve his performance on the field.



Next Level Athletics

Founded in 2001, Next Level Athletics is a 15,000 square-foot sports complex that includes a 4,000 square-foot free weight floor. Their Football Development Program teaches players to follow their instincts to play better defense and be more effective on offense. They cater to players in younger age brackets who are outperforming their teammates and need a challenge.


BreakAway Speed

The motto at BreakAway Speed is “Champions Are Built After Practice,” and so they teach youth athletes to practice like the pros. They understand that many student athletes lack the information to train properly, which is why their goal is to educate players so they can use what they learned wherever they play.


Genesis Fitness & Performance

Genesis Fitness & Performance offers training programs for both older athletes and youth athletes. Their youth athlete program targets boys and girls 7 to 13 and meets four times per week. They limit their class sizes to 10 students so they can provide individualized attention to each one and help them develop their strengths. This complex also offers training for 14 to 18 year olds as well as athletes 18 and up so you can grow into their programs.



The team at Plex has worked with Super Bowl champions, Olympic gold medalists and hundreds of youth athletes who are working to become the next big names in their sport. Their clients include Andrew Luck, CJ Anderson, Antwon Blake, and Andy Dalton — and those are just a handful of the football players on their long list of athletes in multiple sports.


KB3 Football Training

KB3 Football Training also works exclusively with football players to hone their skills and improve their odds of success in the sport. They have both private and group lessons, along with camps ranging from youth and middle school to specific camps for linemen. Their classes are also divided among linemen, receivers and quarterbacks so each position player gets the attention they need.  


Dallas/Fort Worth    

4th & Inches Sports Performance

4th & Inches Sports Performance offers NFL combine training to prepare athletes for Pro Day. They are the only 100 percent football-specific sports training facility in Dallas/Fort Worth. Along with training professional and college athletes during the off season, they work with high school and youth teams to perform better and increase individual players’ odds of getting noticed by recruiters.


Michael Johnson Performance

The team at Michael Johnson Performance provides both off-season and in-season training. Along with physical performance, they focus biochemical analysis and nutrition to ensure athletes are completely ready in all aspects of their lives to take the field. They also offer remote coaching services for travel teams or players in rural areas.



APEC (Accelerated Performance Enhancement Center) is actually located in Tyler about two hours outside of Dallas. They have worked with Josh Aubrey of the Tennessee Titans, Graham Harrell of the Green Bay Packers and Jameill Showers of the Dallas Cowboys. Their student programs are divided into K–2, 3–5 grade, middle school, high school and college.


DX3 Athlete

DX3 Athlete is located about 45 minutes to the north of Dallas in Frisco. They focus entirely on youth sports and offer year-round training for athletes who don’t want to lose their skills during the off season. They cater to athletes 7 and up and work to instill a lifelong passion of fitness in their students.


Game On Sports Complex

Located in Forth Worth, the Game On Sports Complex staff works with young athletes of all ages. They divide youth athletes by experience, so advanced players aren’t held back by beginner and hobby players. They also offer training camps led by former NFL players with more than 20 years of experience, so today’s athletes can prepare for their futures.


RRQB Training

Based in Keller, outside of Fort Worth, RRQB Training offers private quarterback lessons, seven-on-seven football leagues, winter and summer combine camps, and even nutritional training. Their main focus is on youth football players and their needs as they excel in middle and high school.


San Antonio

SPARQ Grind Time Performance

SPARQ Grind Time Performance (SGTP) works with both youth athletes and adults to evaluate their performance and push them to the next level. They create long-term goals with youth athletes to help them achieve their goals of getting recruited, playing college sports and furthering their educations.


MVP Performance

The trainers at MVP Performance start working with athletes in elementary school and have classes for students as young as 5. This teaches them basic agility, hip flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Younger athletes then graduate to the middle and high school levels, where they learn proper lifting techniques, running mechanics and injury prevention. MVP Performance also offers an advanced training program, exclusively for college athletes, in all sports.


JC Ultimate Training

JC Ultimate Training offers strength and conditioning programs specifically for football athletes. Along with flexibility, they work on muscular endurance and acceleration. They tailor their training to specific positions on the field, making this one of the top options in San Antonio for improving football performance.


Only The Elite: Athletic Performance Training

As the name says, Only The Elite: Athletic Performance Training works with the top athletes in the area to move them from great to the best. Their 11,000-square-foot facility has top-notch equipment, and they offer football-specific training programs. Before you train with them, they run a needs analysis to evaluate backpedaling, acceleration and a myriad of other factors to determine where your student athlete needs to improve.


NorthStar Sports

NorthStar Sports has facilities in San Antonio and Poughkeepsie, New York. They prefer to work with youth athletes to provide a positive training experience and ensure they develop lifelong positive habits. They also have high school and college training programs. Check their website for a list for football alumni who have signed with colleges across the country.




1Up Sports Performance

1Up Sports Performance is actually located in Cedar Park, about 30 minutes from downtown Austin. They offer training specific to your athlete’s skill level and will create a plan for improvement. 1Up also hosts a variety of camps, including football camps for specific positions.


HIT Center Austin

When working with middle and high school football players, the team at HIT Center Austin focuses on plyometric training, improving coordination, agility training, weight training and acceleration. They work with injured players to get back on the field and have since graduated an Olympic medalist and NFL Draftee from an underdog Division 3 school. They believe in working to overcome the odds, and they will push your athletes to do the same.


Austin Sports Academy

With an impressive list of alumni, the Austin Sports Academy trains athletes across multiple sports to prepare them for college recruiting. They offer private football training in both one-on-one and group settings so that advanced athletes won’t be held back.


Outright Fitness & Performance

Outright Fitness & Performance offers both indoor and outdoor performance training to help simulate conditions on the field or court. They offer team discounts and on-site training so they can come to you and provide training on your own turf. They work with both teams and individuals to improve their competitive performance.


El Paso

RXN Athletics

The team at RXN Athletics utilizes the latest technology to analyze and improve the performance of youth athletes. They have football-specific programs to increase power and strength while improving sprint mechanics and directional changes. They also offer general training and classes for improving fitness.


3D Athletics

While 3D Athletics primarily works with baseball and softball players, they’ve also trained track, basketball and football players looking to improve their agility, strength and speed. This facility is a great option for improving on fundamentals and the basics of good athletics. Training is by appointment only.


Xplode Athletics

The staff at Xplode Athletics work with recovering athletes and healthy athletes who are looking to improve their performance. They teach the health and science behind their workouts and focus on training that limits the risk of injury. They also partner with the HIT Center and do NFL combine training in Austin.


Human Performance Center

The programs at the Human Performance Center are designed by certified strength and conditioning specialists. All of their coaches have a four-year degree in a sports-related field, and athletes have access to a staff physical therapist in the event of an injury. It’s this commitment to health and reputation that makes the Human Performance Center stand out.


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