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MADE Hoops Winter Circuit Session 1 Recap

The 5th annual MADE Hoops Winter Circuit began this weekend with Session I taking place in Hampton, Virginia. Over the past couple of years MADE Hoops has quickly become one of the best identifiers of young talent in the entire nation.

MADE Hoops was founded with the goal of providing exposure to top 8th graders and preparing them for the high school ranks. Since their inception the field of play has evolved to include a girls division, 7th graders and even 5th and 6th graders.  

Along with filling the gym with top talent, MADE Hoops provides a strong and aggressive media presence, providing an unparalleled experience for student-athletes and their respective programs.

Below are some of the teams who performed well from Session 1

8th Grade Lea8ue (Green)

Team Durant Black finished with a perfect 3-0 record in Pool A while Team Takeover Grant and Renaissance Cox both went undefeated in Pool B. Five teams finished with a 2-1 record and remain in the chase for the number one spot. Those teams include the New York Lightning, Riverside Hawks, TSF Mack 2023, Philly Triple Threat and Train’d 2Go.  

8th Grade Lea8ue (Red)

In Pool A Team Takeover Oladipo and CP3 went 3-0 while Team United White was the only team in Pool B to not lose a game. Once again there are a lot of teams still in contention as Team Durant Blue, New York Lightning, BWSL- Hite and Renaissance are all in striking distance with a 2-1 record.       

5th Grade Championship

The Bull City Nets defeated Team UPLAY 55-39 in the first round of the Futures Championship bracket. Riverside Hawks won a close game against Team Takeover setting up the championship matchup. In the final game Bull City Nets proved to be too much for the Riverside Hawks winning by a final score of 48-39 taking home the 5th grade title.   


6th Grade Championship

The NY Gauchos started their run to the championship game with an impressive win against Team Black Ops. They continued to roll against EGreen Takeover winning 69-62. On the other side of the bracket BWSL had two decisive victories against Team United and Bull City Nets. BWSL was on a roll but the NY Gauchos proved to be too much as they defeated BWSL50-40 and captured the 6th grade championship.  

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