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Coast to Coast Preps releases national team rankings

Coast to Coast Preps recently released its national team rankings for the classes of 2022-2028. The ranking system was based off the first part of the travel basketball season; the next set of rankings will be released at the end of June or early July.

Below are the top 5 teams in the classes of 2022-2028.

Class of 2022

  1. New World (Washington D.C.)
  2. Drive Nation (Texas)
  3. Team Thrill (Maryland)
  4. We All Can Go (Tennessee)
  5. Team FOE (Texas)

Class of 2023

  1. Houston Hoops Blue Chips (Texas)
  2. City Ballers (California)
  3. Riverside Hawk (New York)
  4. Team Different (New York)
  5. Team Takeover (Washington D.C.)

Class of 2024

  1. TJ Ford Vick 4 Kids (Kentucky)
  2. North Coast Blue Chips (Ohio)
  3. Toronto City Elite (Canada)
  4. Minnesota Spartans (Minnesota)
  5. OKC Shielf (Oklahoma)

Class of 2025

  1. CP3 (North Carolina)
  2. Indiana Elite (Indiana)
  3. Silverbacks (New Jersey)
  4. Reach Dream Team (Michigan)
  5. Team Takeover (Washington D.C.)

Class of 2026

  1. North Coast Blue Chips (Indiana)
  2. Team Takeover (Washington D.C)
  3. New World (Washington D.C.)
  4. Mentally Fit (California)
  5. Nightrydas Elite (Texas)

Class of 2027

  1. North Coast Blue Chips (Indiana)
  2. Oklahoma Chaos Elite (Oklahoma)
  3. CP3 (North Carolina)
  4. Houston Hoops Blue Chips (Texas)
  5. NY Rens (New York)

Class of 2028

  1. Let it Fly (Missouri)
  2. Oklahoma Chaos Elite (Oklahoma)
  3. Memphis Basketball Association (Tennessee)
  4. Nightrydas Elite/Texas United (Texas)
  5. Together We Ball (Indiana)

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