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Coast 2 Coast Preps releases first national team rankings of 2019

Coast 2 Coast Preps has recently released their first national team rankings of 2019. These rankings are based on play from Thanksgiving of 2018 through February 1, 2019. They will be updating their rankings next month. Below are the top 5 teams in the classes of 2023-2029.

Class of 2023

1. Team CP3 (North Carolina)

2. Houston Hoops Blue Chips (Texas)

3. Rose City Rebels (Oregon)

4. Team Takeover Oladipo (Washington D.C.)

5. Vegas Prospects (Nevada)

Class of 2024

1. Team FOE (Texas)

2. Bounce City Elite (Canada)

3. Team Thrill (Maryland)

4. Team Takeover Oladipo (Washington D.C.)

5. B-Maze Elite (Tennessee)

Class of 2025

1. Houston Hoops Blue Chips (Texas)

2. Team CP3 (North Carolina)

3. Reach Dream Team (Michigan)

4. Team Takeover Green (Washington D.C.)

5. Boo Williams Select (Virginia) 

Class of 2026

1. MWA Elite (Michigan)

2. New World (Washington D.C.)

3. North Coast Blue Chips (Ohio)

4. Drive 5 Power Elite (Kansas)

5. Bull City Nets (North Carolina)

Class of 2027

1. Team CP3 (North Carolina)

2. Trae Young Elite (Oklahoma)

3. Houston Hoops Blue Chips (Texas)

4. Indiana P.R.I.D.E. (Indiana)

5. New York Rens (New York)

Class of 2028

1. Let it Fly Elite (Missouri)

2. Texas United (Texas)

3. Bakersfield Elite (California)

4. Grind Academy (North Carolina)

5. TRU Elite (Georgia)

Class of 2029

1. All Indy Gym Rats (Indiana)

2. Team Thrill (Maryland)

3. Team Takeover (Washington D.C.)

4. North TX AMG Elite (Texas)

5. Trae Young Elite (Oklahoma)

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