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Bates Fundamentals Camp bringing Y1ACT to Michigan

Bates Fundamentals is a basketball organization focused on the training and development of youth basketball players.   

On February 17th-18th Bates Fundamentals will be hosting a basketball camp for 5th-9th graders at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


Elgin Bates, CEO of Bates Fundamentals spoke about his excitement for this year’s camp.

“It’s always fun being around the kids and teaching them the game of basketball, we should have over 100 kids at the event, it’ll be great to see all of them out their getting better.” Said Bates.

Bates Fundamentals prides themselves on instilling work ethic and attitude, challenging young players to really get better and work harder than their opponent. Another key philosophy that will be implemented at the camp is repetition; repetition and game speed drills are necessary for improvement.

“Drill work is something that can get overlooked sometimes but is so important.” Bates Said. “How you do think Kyrie Irving became Kyrie Irving or how do you think Lebron James became so skilled, they worked on their craft for hours on end.”

Along with game action and drill work, athletes going to this event will also have the opportunity to participate in the Y1ACT.  The Y1ACT is a universal combine test with standardized measurements across 5 key athletic performance metrics. Athletes attending the camp would be tested in the following drills

  • 75-feet sprint
  • Lane Agility
  • Reactive Shuttle
  • Vertical Jump
  • Max Vertical
  • Weave Agility
  • 75-Feet Spring with ball
  • Transition Dribble

The Bates Fundamental Camp is poised to be a great event with great coaching, top-notch talent and extensive media coverage.  

If you are interested in attending this event please check out for more information.

Also if you are interested in signing up for the Y1ACT register here: Take advantage of the discounted $20 early registration fee!


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