2024 phenom Kainoa Marasco dominating youth basketball circuit | Youth1

2024 phenom Kainoa Marasco dominating youth basketball circuit

Kainoa Marasco is a 5th grade point guard from Wheatland, California. The 5’0” unselfish playmaker has exploded on the youth basketball scene, really making a name for himself over the past couple of months. He has been featured on Coast 2 Coast Preps as one of the best players on the west coast. He was voted top performer at the 2017 EBC Camp, while also being named all-tournament 2nd team at the Open Gym Premiere WCE25 Championship. 

Making a name for yourself at such a young age may seem glamorous to some but is also difficult for many different reasons. Marasco is very aware of this and is always trying to improve his game.

“My goals for the upcoming season are to work on my fundamentals, you should never stop working on those.” Said Marasco. “I need to work on my entire game, my shooting, my decision making, free throws, boxing out, I want to be the very best.”

Marasco describes his style of play as half Kyrie Irving, half Magic Johnson. His handles and court vision is top notch for such a young player but what really sets him apart is his ability to get teammates involved. Making great passes and setting up his teammates is something Marasco takes extreme pride in.

Family, school and basketball are the three things that mean the most to Marasco.  He has dreams of one day playing college ball at either UCLA or the University of Hawaii. UCLA is currently his favorite school but the dream of playing in Hawaii with all of his family watching would really be something special.

Marasco plans on attending the EBC Jr. All American camp this August, a perfect place to showcase his talent and compete against the best young ballers in the country. 


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