4th grader D'Qori Abanikanda handles have made him a viral sensation | Youth1

4th grader D'Qori Abanikanda handles have made him a viral sensation

D’Qori Abanikanda is a 10-year old point guard from Marietta, Georgia. The 4’11 point guard recently went viral after one of his crossovers sent his defender flying in the air forcing the referee to lose his cool.

Anyone who saw the clip can tell that Abanikanda’s handles are rare for a 10-year old. It is also no surprise that his two favorite players in the NBA are Kyrie Irving and Paul George, two players known for having great ball handling abilities.

“I like how calm and smooth they play, they have a confidence and swagger about them and that’s what I try to imitate on the court.” Said Abanikanda.

Abanikanda’s handles are no accident either, he is constantly working on his game, whether it is refining his strengths or building on his weaknesses. 

“I would say my biggest strength is my ability to get to the basket.” Abanikanda Said. “I am really working on improving my shot off the dribble, as well as other things including my speed and agility.”

Abanikanda may be young but has big time hoop dreams of earning a college scholarship to a top program, ideally he would like to play for Duke because of their reputation for developing players. 

In his free time off the court Abanikanda is like any other 4th grader his favorite activity is playing Fortnite with his friends.


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