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Michelle Carter, 2016 Gold Medalist

As she readies for the 2016 Olympics in Rio in a matter of weeks, Michelle Carter has one focus and one goal. To win an Olympic medal. It's the one thing that has avoided this decorated champion in the shot put. This two time olympian who has won gold in the World Championships knows this may be her best opportunity to be on the podium. London and Beijing brought her experience of what to expect, Rio is where she expects to win. Before she heads off to Rio she sat down with us for her Y1 on 1:

How have sports, and specifically track and field, impacted you and what lessons have you learned most from competing? 

Sports helped shaped me into the woman I am today. Competing in track and field has taught me discipline, persistence, and have increased my faith. The biggest lessons I have learned are to never give up and to trust the process. Success does not come easy. It’s something you have to constantly work for and sometimes it gets hard. But it is worth it.

Do you have a mentor or two that has impacted you most on your journey?

My parents have impacted my life so much, cliché, I know but it’s the truth. My mom is a big part of my support system. She has taught me to be strong and how to be a lady at all times. My father, my coach, has taught, and is continuing to teach me the ins and outs of being a professional competitor.  

What advice do you have for up and coming youth athletes?

I would tell athletes to be yourself and be confident. You have been blessed with your gifts and talents, do not let them go to waste. When things get hard, stay focused and keep working. Do not give up! Take care of your bodies. Stretching, nutrition, and hydration are key!

What's the moment like when you know you've won a medal or set a new record?

In the moment, it seems surreal because I’m still in competition mode and still have interviews to do. It’s almost like a dream. When the competition is over and I am in my room, it all sinks in. I am overcome with gratefulness excitement.

Can you recall how you felt at the Opening Ceremonies of your first Olympics and the moment right before your first competition?

I didn’t participate in the Opening Ceremonies at my first Olympics however, in 2012 I did. I was overwhelmed; I was representing the ENTIRE UNITED STATES! It was amazing.

The Olympics are right around the corner, what is your main focus as you ready for Rio?

My main focuses are to smooth out my technique, mentally prepare, and get some rest!

Is there a difference in what you're experiencing with these Olympics as opposed to London and Beijing?

Yes! In London and Beijing, my mindset was “whatever happens happens”. This time around I am aiming to get a medal. It’s what I have been working for.

You have competed with and against some of the best athletes in the world. Are there a few that stand out as most memorable?

I would have to say Allyson Felix; she has done something most female athletes have not been able to do. She is the most decorated female Olympic athlete.

Favorite sport other than track and field?

Even though I don’t follow it as closely I as I would like, basketball is my favorite sport other than track and field. I used to play in high school. I just love it.

Obviously cosmetics play an important part of your life. What are some of your favorite looks?

You can never go wrong with a winged eye and a great lash. It’s a classic look and looks wonderful with EVERYTHING.

What's your favorite place you have traveled to?

I love traveling to Paris and Monaco. Paris is like a fairytale. It looks so romantic and magical. In Monaco, everyone is so rich; it’s like a dream.

Outside of sports what are some of your other interests?

I love doing hair and makeup, for sure. I also enjoy going to see a good movie and eating at nice restaurants.

Are there any philanthropic endeavors or charities that you work with that you'd like to talk about?

“You Throw Girl” is a sports confidence camp for female athletes. It is going to help build confidence in young athletes by giving them tools and techniques to become confident in who they are and in their abilities. I would also like to help children with learning disabilities specifically A.D.D./A.D.H.D and dyslexia. I have struggled with these learning disabilities all my life. I understand how hard it can be but I also know you can overcome it.

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