The White team wins competitive matchup in the D1 Savage Series' 7th Grade Game in Murrieta, CA | Youth1

The White team wins competitive matchup in the D1 Savage Series' 7th Grade Game in Murrieta, CA

On a beautiful day in Murrieta, CA this past weekend, youth athletes from around the west coast came to compete in an all-star game hosted by the Diamond Sports Group's D1 Savage Series. This event served as the first of 4 events in the D1 Savage Series, with others set for Virginia Beach, VA, Canton, OH, and Dallas, TX later in the spring/summer.

Athletes from grades 3rd-8th were in attendance as there was a game for each age group, totaling in 6 games for the day. Each grade group was split into two teams, the White squad and the Red squad.

In what was the most competitive game of the day, both the Red and White teams came to play in the 7th grade matchup.

DB Ryder Bumgarner did his best to keep the Red team in the game early on. Bumgarner made plays all over the field throughout the game. He set the tone early for the Red team with an impressive interception midway through the 2nd quarter. He would quickly follow it up with his second pick of the day, halting the White team who was in the redzone.

White team DB Joshua Viray would get into the act as he would get an interception on the Red team's following drive. This led to RB John Butler putting the game's first point on the board, as he made a tough catch in traffic for a TD. This gave White a 6-0 lead.

S Corey Johnson would keep the scoring going on a play action bootleg pass for a score. QB Bryan Wilson made a beautiful throw to Johnson giving the White squad a 14-0 lead.

Corey Johnson would make his impact felt again on the defensive side of the ball as he got in interception to stop the Red team in the redzone from scoring.

Bumgarner, who made plays on both sides of the ball all game, would get the Red team a score with an impressive run for a TD. This finally put the Red team on the board late in the 3rd quarter. White still led 14-8.

Midway through the fourth, the White team would fumble the ball on the goal line as they were near scoring. They would quickly turn this mishap into an opportunity, as they'd force the Red team into a Safety on the next play.

The White team would go on to win this competitive 7th grade matchup, 16-8.

Ryder Bumgarner would go on to win Overall MVP of this game despite being on the losing team. He was more than deserving of the award, as he had 2 interception and at least 1 score.


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