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VTO Sports helps rising athletes get exposure

Camps and Combines that provide an opportunity for young athletes to get noticed on national level are imperative in the recruitment process and in the development of football players skills.

Among the elite organizations providing this type of training and coaching for players to develop into the best version of themselves is VTO Sports, who has been a leader in the Camps and Combines space for some time.

"VTO Sports is a leader in the Combine & Camps space. We provide a group of events that enables the Student-Athlete opportunity for College Exposure. We also provide information for parents on the recruiting process," says Co-Founder Vince Jacobs.

Vince plays a vital role in the success of VTO Sports and whole-heartedly believes in their mission.

"I'm one of the founders of VTO and the National Camp Director – my responsibility is to make sure our event maintains the high level of quality and organized flow. Make sure the parents and athletes have a positive experience," Jacobs said.

VTO's main goal is to give athletes exposure to garner the attention they need to be able to reach their goals of playing ball at a collegiate or even professional level.

When asked what a participant can expect when attending a VTO event, Jacobs was quick to note exposure being the number one reason.

"#1 Reason is Exposure - VTO Sports Events are designed to give current high school athletes the opportunity to showcase their football skills. Participants will compete against the best athletes in their region. “Top Performers” from VTO Sports Combines, VTO Sports Trench Corps Academy & VTO Sports Elite 100 Series can earn an invitation to the VTO Sports All American Challenge. It is a high-profile two-day competition & major exposure event of the best athletes from all around the country," Jacobs said.

VTO Sports has been recognized as one of the top camps operated in the country by outlets like Bleacher Report.

VTO is set to host over 20 camps in 20 cities across the country. The camps start in February and end in June. Athletes can register at vtosports.net – camps are open to 7th – 12th grade athletes.


Their impressive list on notable Alumni includes:

2022 Class athletes

Travis Shaw - #3 National
Jalon Walker
Malaki Hamrick
Datota Twitty
NFL Talent

Chazz Surratt
Todd Gurley
TJ Logan
Elijah Hood
Antonio Williams
Will Grier
Harold Landry
Jaire Alexander
Braxton Berrios
Jaylen Samuels
Tyquan Lewis
DJ Humphries


"Our goal is to give athletes an opportunity to compete in football events designed to evaluate skills and football knowledge," Jacobs said.


For more on VTO Sports or to sign up for a combine, check out their website here.

Reminder: The camps start in February and end in June. Athletes can register at vtosports.net – camps are open to 7th – 12th grade athletes.

Their first event kicks off on February 5th, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA.


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