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Top 5 Youth1 Members with the highest NIL valuations

Even with March Madness underway, the NIL is still the buzz of the college and high school sports world. There athletes with valuations of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars who haven't even graduated from high school. Some of our Youth1 members are among the top valued high school players in the country. 

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Jadyn Davis - $609K

Anyone who is familiar with Youth1 knows how highly we think of Davis. He's been a top ranked athlete in his class every years since middle school and we've featured him in our spotlight interviews, countless articles and reports and our Monday Morning Quarterback program. Davis has offers from basically every school in the country and is a bonafide high school phenom. 


Jeremiah Smith - $449K

In our first Youth1 Spotlight Interview four years ago with Smith he told us he wanted to be the next Antonio Brown. In terms of progress he's far better than Brown was at his age, has more offers and a better head on his shoulders. Speaking of head and shoulders he's grown almost a foot and a half since we started promoting him, making him way taller than AB. He's trending more as the next Calvin Johnson in terms of character and physical dominance.   


Ellis Robinson IV - $442K

Ellis Robinson became a Youth1 member on the same day that he ran the fastest 40 yards dash to date at Youth1's Y1ACT Combine. At that time five years ago he was still splitting time between WR and DB, but has since developed into not just the best cornerback in his class, but one of the five best players overall. Hopping in the Youth1 time machine shows that the Georgia commit already had the mentality of a dominant corner back in 2018 when he said "On defense I believe every ball in the air is intended for me."


Jaylen Mbakwe - $351K

When we met Jaylen Mbakwe he was coming off a highly decorated 12u season and already talking about being a big time college baller like Tua Tagovailoa. Now he's every quarterback's worst nightmare. Five years ago he also blew us away with his maturity and perspective when he said “Football has taught me so much about life in general: To be a better person, to be a leader and not follower, to work hard everything is earned not giving. That life isn't fair and things doesn't always go your way.” Now football is going to get him PAID, not that that's ever been his priority.


Brandon Inniss - $319K

As far back as eighth grade Inniss was telling us that he wanted to play in the NFL and graduate from college. Now he's gone from middle school camp MVP to nationally ranked eighth grader, to high school superstar to top recruit with offers from all of his dream schools. 


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