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2027 ATH Alijah Pitre is a versatile talent to keep an eye on

ATH Alijah Pitre is working himself into a player to be reckoned with from the 2027 class. Pitre is a dedicated athlete with his eye on making it big playing the game of football. He's a talented athlete that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, especially when making a key tackle or block to propel his team to victory.

"Instinct! I have a natural instinct to make plays," Pitre said when asked what sets him apart from other athletes.

"I also have good leadership skills," he added.

In my interview with Pitre, which can be viewed below, he emphasized his comfort playing multiple positions and how the game comes natural to him. This natural comfort allows him to make an impact at multiple positions, including D-Line, O-Line, Linebacker and Safety. He prides himself on being able to help his team in a variety of ways.

The Tracy, CA native who most recently played for the Tracy Rampage football team, was able to make his imprint on his team's championship game.

"In the championship game I had four tackles; two quarterback hurries that resulted in interceptions. On one of the interceptions I also placed the block that led to a 100 yard touchdown," Pitre said. 

"I also had a third quarterback hurry resulting in an incomplete pass. In addition, I forced a fumble in that game," he added.

When asked what attributes he brings to a team, Pitre was quick to mention that he brings good energy to his team's locker room. "I bring good energy. I am always there to help and uplift my teammates," Pitre said.

Pitre has a desire to be the best football player he can be. When he's not in the classroom or at practice, he's putting in work on his own to elevate his game.

"All of my workouts are with my dad. He was a football coach in Louisiana who sent several players to college," Pitre said.

"I work on backpedaling, agility, route running, catching, eye coordination, and attacking the ball. I am also working on speed using a weight vest of 35 pounds. The weight room is another area that I am stepping into," he added.

As he looks to continue his growth as an athlete Pitre has some goals that he's working toward both on and off the football field.

 "To excel and do well academically. I qualified for the early college and plan to take advantage of that opportunity," Pitre said.

"With regards to football I plan to continue my aggressive playing but look to narrow down my position. I have worked out with a high school team and played safety. I have the size to play safety at the high school level right now," he added.

Pitre has dreams of playing in college one day with LSU, USC, Oklahoma, Southern University and Washington State, among his favorites right now.

With his dedication to his craft and his hard-working mentality, The future is bright for 2027 ATH Alijah Pitre.


For more on Alijah Pitre check out our Spotlight Interview with him below!


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