Freshman450 prospect 2022 DL Paul Hutson III receives offer from Virginia Tech | Youth1

Freshman450 prospect 2022 DL Paul Hutson III receives offer from Virginia Tech

Among the premier talents from the 2022 class is DL Paul Hutson III, who recently received an offer from Virginia Tech to play D1 football.

This early offer comes as no surprise, as Hutson has built a strong reputation for his dominance in the trenches. He's a beast on the line and one of the best linemen from the 2022 class.

Receiving an offer from a decorated college program such as Virginia Tech is a big achievement for Hutson, who said he was even a bit surprised by the offer.

"I was surprised by the offer from VA Tech. I was just focusing on my freshman season, and teammates at Maury High School. We have a chance at a great season. Coach Burden contacted my Head Coach at Maury Dyrri McCain, and made the offer," Hutson told

"Means a lot to me, being an in state player, an offer from a top program, pushes me to even work harder," he added.

Being from that Hutson is from Virginia Beach, VA, Virginia Tech isn't too far from home. Hutson says he's been keeping up with Tech for some time.

"I have followed VA Tech for a long time, it is always in the hunt for a ACC championship. I know that they develop players in their program. I took an visit their last fall, the game day experience was amazing," Hutson said.

The 6'0" 245 pound trenchman is a real talent and an athlete that'll be wreaking havoc on opposing offenses for years to come. His ability to pressure the QB and stop the run is elite level for his age. Most importantly, he works hard on the field and in his preparation.

"My father has always put in work with me, football IQ, skill work, and film. Once he saw I had a passion for playing football at a young age, he has given me a lot of opportunities to get better," Hutson said. 

"I have worked hard with my trainers at Take No Days Off Gym, they have helped me so much. I love to grind, and love the results. But so much more to do, it doesn't stop," he added.

This achievement only motivates Hutson to keep grinding for more. He's focused on reaching even bigger heights.

"I'm currently focusing on my position specific technique for OL/DL, I want to be best for my team. Currently we are 3-0, we are loaded with a lot of D1 athletes, and my coaches are the best. I couldn't be in a better place than Maury," Hutson said.

Hutson was recently named to Youth1's Freshman450 list, which highlights the elite prospects from the Freshman class. Being named to this list means that Hutson is recognized nationally as one of the elite rising talents in the nation.

While the accolades and achievements keep coming, Hutson remains hungry and humble. Just know he's ready to prove he's worth the hype.

"This offer in some ways puts a target on my back, but I love that! Let's go meet at the 50 and battle. I'm trained to go!"


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Check out Hutson's highlights below.


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