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2026 QB Josiah Oxendine Offseason Update including college visits and his first D1 offer

Among the elite rising talents from the 2026 class is North Carolina QB Josiah Oxendine. When Oxendine was first put on our radar here at Youth1 back in 2020, it was pretty clear he was an energetic, hungry, and motivated youth Quarterback with a drive to excel at his craft.

Since those early days, Oxendine's determination, talent, and dedication have put him on the national radar as one of the next big QB prospects. We are big believers in Josiah's ability. Oxendine was named to our most recent edition of the Elite101 Rankings, coming it at #86 overall. For those unfamiliar, the Elite101 Rankings have been a valuable resource for pinpointing the nation's absolute best athletes in their 8th grade season.

College programs have already taken notice of his talent. Josiah recently received his first D1 offer from Georgia Southern. He shared the exciting news on his Twitter page.

One thing that has always stood out about Oxendine is his work-ethic.

"The work never stops," Oxendine told Youth1.com.

"I’m working on many areas of my game. For example, Balance-Base-Load is worked on every throwing session. My point of emphasis is to be able to use my glute and spine to deliver my arm. Of course, the off-platform and dislocation throws are a necessity in the lab every session," he added.

This offseason Oxendine has been diligently on the grind to get better each day. From camps and combines, to drills, to the weight room, Oxendine is putting in that work.

"My offseason has been extremely productive. I have spent quality time in the lab with my personal QB Trainer Ramon Robinson. Additionally, I got some great work in under The Show’s Mega VI Staff and Rivals Camp. Elite 11 is my next scheduled camp before the College Circuit begins. Also, I have put on some lean muscle and gotten much stronger in the weight room. Bench is up to 230 and Squat is 380," Oxendine said.

He was also recently invited to NextGen's The SHOW.

When asked of his progress, Oxendine was quick to note how far he feels like he's come. He believes his hard work is paying off in a major way.

"My progression has been tremendously great," Oxendine told Youth1.com. 

"But I must give credit to my QB Trainer Coach Ramon Robinson, The VI Staff (Coach Sione Taufoou, Coach Madei Willams, Coach Drew Aumavae, Coach AJ Doyle) and the QB Legacy Staff (Coach Donovan McNabb, Coach Ron Veal, Coach Woodrow Dantzler, Coach Madei and Coach Ramon)."

Oxendine's offseason has included various visits to college campuses for both Spring Games and camps. These camps and games are essential for young athletes working to build a reputation for themselves while competing against other rising talents.

See our conversation regarding his offseason experiences, including college campus visits below.

Q: What camps on college campuses have you been to recently?

A: I did attend a few Spring Games at various colleges this Spring. For instance, I attended Coastal Carolina and UNC Charlotte’s Spring Games. However, as far as college camps, at this point, I’m scheduled to be at Duke University, NC State, UNC, Coastal Carolina, South Carolina and UNC Charlotte. I’m open to attending more, if invited.

Q: Detail how you came to attend these camps?

A: Last summer I attended a few college camps and followed up this past fall with some unofficial visits to several campuses. In that process, I built some relationships and have followed these programs and certain coaches on social media. Of course, per NCAA rules they can’t reach out to me directly but I can reach out to them. More importantly, College Coaches can reach out to a player’s current coach. I am not privileged to those conversations, but this is how I received my visits through my current Coach.

Q: How was your experience at each camp?

A: The recent Spring Games were very different than attending a regular unofficial visit in the Fall. It was very obvious the Coaches seemed more relaxed and more engaging

First, at Coastal Carolina, I got a great opportunity to watch their QBs go through the warmups and prepare for the scrimmage. Along with that, I had a great honor to intermingle with QB/OC Willy Korn. Coastal Carolina posted a total of 105 pts. during their Spring Game. It was an offensive explosion. Coach Korn played QB in college for Coastal’s HC Jamey Chadwell. Coach Chadwell has a great staff and culture at Coastal Carolina. It was my second visit to their beautiful campus at the beach. His recruiting department is second to none! Coach Doyle and Coach Matt are the best.

Second, at UNC Charlotte, I spent some meaningful time with QB/OC Coach Mark Carney and Coach Dylan Ratliff getting to know more about the 49ers and the QB Room. After listening to them speak, I believe I now know each QB personally on their roster. Coach Carney took the time to evaluate some practice footage with me. I definitely could sense their passion, effort, enthusiasm and positivity. Head Coach Healy was actually a QB in college and his QB Coach was Mark Carney. It’s obvious, it is Family at UNC Charlotte! To me personally, Football is Family.


North Carolina QB Josiah Oxendine is one of the rising stars from the 2026 class. Being named to Youth1's Elite101 Rankings, is a testament to the budding potential Oxendine has. Following his journey as he works toward his goals is very fun to watch. 

Just know that Josiah Oxendine is enjoying the process! 

"Everything I do in the offseason is geared towards the Fall. My motto is "Grind greater than my Goals." I have some huge goals so this remaining Spring and upcoming Summer you will find me Grinding at various college campuses," he said.


For more on Josiah Oxendine check out his highlights and Youth1 Player Profile below.


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