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Elite101 Spotlight: 5 Hidden Gems from the Elite101 Rankings

Youth1 recently released our annual Elite101 Rankings. This year's edition features the athletes from the extremely talented 2026 class. The 2026 class is brimming with tantalizing talents that will one day be playing for D1 college programs.

Part of the fun for us here at Youth1 is highlighting some hidden gems from athletes that made Elite101.

Here are 5 under the radar athletes from our Elite101 that deserve more shine!


Devin Rasmussen - QB - California

Elite101 Rank: #26

Rasmussen is one of California's rising stars at the QB position. He throws an absolutely beautiful ball. When I came across Devin's film, I was blown away with his comfort in the pocket, ability to throw the deep ball, and precise accuracy. 

When Devin blows up nationally, we will be proud to say Youth1 was one of the first to spotlight him!


Denairius Gray - WR - Florida

Elite101 Rank: #36

If you haven't heard of 2026 WR Denairius Gray yet, that needs to change! This young man is a big time WR talent that has size, speed, excellent route running, and will catch anything thrown his way.

The Florida native is a beast in the redzone because his frame allows him to be a big target for his QB. He snags the ball out of the air at its highest point.

Gray has potential to be 2026's top receiver in the near future.


Dereon Albert - OL/DL - Mississippi

Elite101 Rank: #46

Albert is a physical beast in the trenches. His ability to pancake his opposition on the regular with ease. At 6'3" 270 lbs., Albert already has elite physical attributes. His skill level mixed with his size makes him a lineman to keep an eye on going forward.


Jayden Pico - QB - Arizona

Elite101 Rank: #68

Pico is Arizona's premier youth QB, who deserves a brighter spotlight on a national level for his talent. The Surprise, AZ native is a supremely talented dual-threat QB that gashes defense with both his arm and legs. His ability to just make plays for his team is enough to make him worthy of a spot on our Elite101. His potential is what excites us to most because he's just scratching the surface of what we believe he can do.



Ryan Mosley - WR - Georgia

Elite101 Rank: #77

To be fair Mosley isn't all that hidden! He's been building his reputation as an elite WR at the youth level for some time. But for those who haven't been put on notice, Mosley's time is coming. He's a big play threat that can do it all. At 6'2" 215, Mosley is built like a big time WR, and he has the hands, speed, and playmaking ability to go with it.

We can't wait to see what he does at the high school level.



Kail Ellis - OL - Georgia

Elite101 Rank: #94

Kail is the type of athlete you want to be in the trenches with. He can play both Tackle and Center at a high level. His technique and know-how are off the charts. He's also strong, and enjoys pushing around his opposition.


To see the entire Elite101 Rankings featuring the 2026 class, click here!


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