2027’s Jaiden Kelley is an absolute beast on both sides of the ball | Youth1

2027’s Jaiden Kelley is an absolute beast on both sides of the ball

Jaiden Kelley is one of the best players from the Orlando, FL area in the Class of 2027.  


The 5-foot-8, 235-pound Kelley, who attends Horizon Middle School, is an imposing player that works as an offensive lineman and defensive lineman. 


Kelley has earned plenty of recognition during his career, such as: two-time Elite Talent All American Showcase selection, Elite Talent All American Showcase Defensive Lineman MVP, RNR Sports Top 100 combine selection, and FBU selection. 

Kelley is humbled by the accolades.  

“It shows that my hard work always pays off even when I think it isn't going to.I love knowing that I helped my team to a win,” Kelley said. “It felt good to know I was on a team of some of the best kids that also have the same love for football as I do. And seeing other All-Star teams from other states or cities was pretty cool too. You get to see all the amazing talent from everywhere and get to play against them.”

No matter the opponent, every game Kelley is determined to give it his all. 


Kelley is going all out. 


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Kelley steps between the lines.


“My mindset at my position is to always execute the game plan,” Kelley said. “Block for my running backs and run whoever over.”


Kelley has great passion and energy whenever he’s on the field. Kelley tells why he enjoys the game of football so much. 


“I love being part of a team and being able to actually run people over and not get in trouble for it,” Kelley said. 


Kelley has learned many valuable lessons from playing football that he applies to his everyday life. 


“Playing has taught me to keep pushing forward no matter what and have a positive attitude about it,” Kelley said. 


Kelley shares his favorite memory of playing football.


“My favorite memory is when my Athlete United Group Team Central Florida went to Georgia for a tournament and we took the whole event over and beat all 3 Georgia teams,” Kelley said. 


Kelley takes his role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Kelley makes sure he’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“You can demonstrate being a good teammate by always making sure you lift your teammates heads up and just have good sportsmanship in general,” Kelley said. “The best advice I have given to my teammates is never give up no matter what.”


Kelley is appreciative of having amazing male role models that are supportive.


“I have learned from my coaches that character matters and in order to have respect you have to give respect,” Kelley said. “The best advice my coaches have given me is to always work and work hard cause you always have room to improve.”


Kelley patterns his mentality after this standout.  

“I look up to Denise Briggs from FSU,” Kelley said. “He has shown me that I have to work hard on and off the field. He is always working to make himself better.”

Kelley lists social studies as his favorite subject in school. 

“I love learning about history and the world around us,” Kelly said. 


Kelley explains his collegiate aspirations down the road. 


“I want to go to either FSU or Clemson University,” Kelley said. “Both schools are great schools for academics and have amazing football team history.”


Kelley is striving for greatness in all that he does. 


“My goal is to make my mother, family and coaches  proud of me on and off the field, stay positive and to set end achieve all my goals,” Kelley said.



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