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Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine

Mar 1, 2021
Online - New Jersey


Athletes and parents, don’t worry - The Coronavirus is not going to destroy your chances to get noticed and recruited this Summer. 

Camp cancellations across the country have left few options for athletes that were hoping to showcase their skills, learn how to be the most recruitable athlete and win awards for their performances. 

Luckily for you Youth1 is the expert at getting athletes noticed. 

We’re proud to introduce the Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine, the first camp of its kind that you can attend over your computer to get a level of instruction, exposure and competition that you’d expect from a camp. 

Our online camp includes:

Classroom instruction: 

Athletes and parents will learn the do’s and don’ts of being a student athlete and get important instructions on how to navigate the recruiting process.

Highlight Video Evaluation: 

Just because we won’t see you in person doesn’t mean that we can’t be amazed by what you can do on the field. 

Send us your highlight tape from this past season and get evaluated by our team of scouts and talent evaluators. 

Combine Testing: 

All athletes will get instruction on how to best perform the combine test. Then you’ll take our combine. 


Position Specific Tips:  Brought to you by the top HS football programs in the country, we'll provide the top 3 things you need to be doing better at your position.

Were you planning on being a camp MVP this year? We’ll do you one better. We’re opening up 10 spots on our Elite101, Freshman450 and NextUp Watchlists EXCLUSIVELY for athletes who compete in the Y1ACT Online Camp and Combine.



*Please note that while this camp will start on April 15, 2020, you can start it at any point after that!