2023 QB Robert Long receives offer from UMass | Youth1

2023 QB Robert Long receives offer from UMass

Congrats are in order for 2023 QB Robert 'Champ' Long, who received an offer from the University of Massachusetts over the weekend. Long also holds offers from Maryland, Temple and Old Dominion.

He took to Twitter to share the exciting news.

Long earned the #66 spot on our Elite101 Rankings, back when he was an 8th grader. Additionally, he was named to both our Freshman450 and Sophomore Spotlight 200.

Champ is an athlete we've covered since his middle school days, here at Youth1. It's no surprise to us that D1 schools are taking notice of his talent.

"I’m really blessed to be put in this position. Getting an offer from UMass means a lot to me. I was prepared by great coaches and role models that allowed another university to recognize my talent and take a chance on me," told Youth1 Football Director, Ryan Oliver.

"I’m really close with Coach Savon Huggins. He coached at my high school, Saint Peter's Prep, in 2019 where they won a state championship and soon after he took his coaching job to the division 1 level. And for Coach Savon to look my way and view me as a Quarterback that can fit in their program means a lot to me," he added.

Long currently stars as QB of the renowned St. Peter's Prep in New Jersey. Earning an offer from UMass speaks to the talent Long has and the dedication he's put into his craft.

We're excited to see Long's continued success and growth. 

Champ will be showcasing his talent at Youth1's Spotlight Showcase on July 17th in New Jersey.



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