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2023 QB Brennan Storer shines bright at UA Next Game in Orlando, FL

Over the past weekend the nation's top 8th grade athletes participated in the UA Next Game, hosted by Under Armour in Orlando, FL. The UA Next Game is an invite-only event, where the nation's top 8th graders are selected to compete against each other.

Among the bright young stars in attendance was 2023 QB Brennan Storer, who has built a reputation as one of the elite QBs in his class. Storer recently came in at #5 overall in Youth1's Elite101 rankings. For those unfamiliar, the Elite101 rankings have been a valuable resource for pinpointing the nation's absolute best athletes entering their 8th grade season.

Being invited to participate in the UA Next Game event is a prestigious honor that only a select number of 8th grade athletes receive. The experience and coaching the players received while at the event is second to none.

"The Under Armour UA Next All-America week was amazing. Would have to say that my favorite part of was all of the Under Armour gear you received. The custom Under Armour All-American cleats, clothes, uniform and Xenith helmet and gear was incredible - it took another suite case to bring it all home," Storer told Youth1.com.

"Some of my other favorite things include the Under Armour players lounge, getting coached by NFL greats like Ed Reed and Ryan Clark, meeting and hanging out with Under Armour high-school All-Americans, attending the jersey presentation and playing with and against the top-talent in my age group," he added.

The Dallas, TX native is arguably the most talented QB in his class. Storer was humbled to receive an invite, and knew he had to make the most of his opportunity.

"Under Armour is known for inviting the best of the best players so I was incredibly excited, humbled and honored to be recognized and receive an invitation to play," Storer said.

"In games like these you have to make the most of your reps and I felt I did that.  We were behind early in the game and in my first series I was able to help my team go down the field and score quickly which really helped give us momentum and put us on the path to a win," he added.

When Storer entered the game for Team Reed (who would go on to win 30-20 over Team Clark) his team was already down 14-0, with no momentum and a stagnant offense. Storer instantly gave Team Reed the jolt of life they needed, and ultimately threw a touchdown to get his team back into the game. This momentum shift started with the Storer's ability to get the tempo of the offense going, along with his ability to make the right play.

"I knew that the team needed a spark and on the first play was able to connect with AJ (Addison Jayroe) on a deep pass for about 40 yards. I then was able to connect with Ryan Boyd for the TD to give us the momentum we needed to win the game. The team never looked back," Storer said of his mindset when he entered the game with his team down 14-0.

With his success on the field, the future is very bright for Brennan Storer. A standout performance at the UA Next Game is an impressive achievement. As Storer focuses on his progression, he knows he has to continue to put in the work.

"I feel good but know that when I'm not working someone else is working so that keeps me going. There is still a lot of work to be done in order for me to achieve my goal of playing ball in college (and hopefully beyond)," Storer said.

"Right now I'm really focused on continuing to work on strength and speed - I'm not sure you can ever improve too much in those areas," he added.

2023 QB Brennan Storer is among the best football players in his class. He was a real standout from the UA Next Game, helping guide Team Reed to victory. As he continues forward, Storer plans to work hard and trust the process.

"I just have to continue to trust the process, do the work and always be ready when that next level opportunity comes my way," he said.

"The Under Armour All-America game will be something I'll remember for the rest of my life. I can't wait to earn an opportunity to play in it again as a high school senior."


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