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2022 FB/MLB Elias Velasquez named Most Improved Player at the Diamond All-American Bowl

The Diamond Sports Group hosted their annual Diamond All-American Bowl on New Year's Eve, where some of the nation's most talented youth football players gathered to compete.

Among the talented athletes that were able to compete in this stellar event was 2022 FB/MLB Elias Velasquez.

"It was an amazing experience. The place was very nice, it made you feel like a superstar. The Diamond Sports group staff were amazing. It was great playing the two games and it really showed me that I need to improve in a lot of things," Velasquez said.

"I also learned that there is a lot of talent out there. I had an amazing time and hope to return again," he added.

Velasquez has a growing reputation for his relentless nature on the field. He's a talented tackler that has become a sack artist. He's ultra disruptive from the middle linebacker position and is leader on the field.

The 5'8" 160 pound linebacker had an impressive showing at the Diamond All-American Bowl on New Year's Eve, where he participated in the 8th grade game tallying 3 sacks.

"I felt like I did really well for my first time with the Diamond Sports organization. I did a lot of great blocking and tackling. In my first game against the Blue Team, I had 3 sacks and 7 tackles. In my second game against the White Team I had 6 tackles.

"I did well in blocking, catching, and running the plays. Because I showed the coaches I was not afraid to hit and get hit, I was asked to fill other spots in the team. I ended up playing both sides."

For his first time at a Diamond event, Velasquez thoroughly enjoyed his experience. He played well and in his own words, the event made everyone feel like a star.

"They had people with cameras taking pictures and interviewing players. I was interviewed twice. Once during registration and the other during Black and Red awards ceremony," Velasquez said.

"I also liked the opening ceremony. The whole event made you feel like a super star. It was awesome."

The Orange City, FL native was able to make an impact throughout the event with his play on the field. The coaches recognized his effort, as he was able to take home a couple of accolades.

"Because of my hard work on the field the coaches and Diamond Sports Group awarded me with Most Improved Player Award and the Diamond Sports Group 4.0 GPA Club award. It was an honor to have been recognized with this award especially with so many good players in this event.

These accolades are a testament to the athlete and young man Velasquez is working himself into.

2022 FB/MLB Elias Velasquez is a standout linebacker that's getting better and better with each snap. Receiving the MIP award at the Diamond All-American Bowl should serve as motivation for him to keep striving for more.


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View some his highlight below.


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