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2022 DT Paul Hutson III named Trenchman MVP at Diamond Youth All-American Bowl

The Diamond Sports Group is renowned for the talent they host at their events around the country. Their events are top-notch and the athletes that participate are some of the nation's top youth talents.

Among the top talents to be named as a Diamond All-American is 2022 TE/FB/DT Paul Hutson III.

Hutson most recently played in the Diamond Youth All-American Bowl in Virginia Beach on New Year’s Eve, where he was granted the Trenchman MVP award for his dominance on the line.

"To win the MVP award was a blessing, it really showed me what hard work and playing with passion can do. I was surprised because normally, people do not see what goes on inside on defense," Hutson said.

"I am motivated even more to take my game to another level, I promised any event I am in I will show out," he added.

Standing at 5’10 230 lbs., Hutson is a physical player that impacts the game on both sides of the ball. He can move the chains as a bruising runner at either H-Back or FB, or get in the trenches and dominate at the line of scrimmage.

"When playing DT I love when the opposition feels the need to double team me, or cut block me. To me, it shows respect for my game. At H-Back I love making pancake blocks, and catching passes to move the chains," Hutson said.

"Being able to sack the quarterback, and making plays for my team," he added.

Speaking on his performance at the Diamond Youth All-American Bowl, Hutson was very pleased with his efforts on both the game and practice fields.

"I feel like I performed at high level at practices and games. I wanted to make my name known on every rep in practice, then take it to the games," Hutson said.

"I did well with; being a leader for the team, disrupting the center/QB exchange constantly, making tackles in the backfield, and being a physical blocker to the whistle. I didn't treat this event as a just have fun exhibition, football is never play play for me," he added.

Hutson is an impact player that uses his size to his advantage. He shows sound technique and has a strong motor to go with it. He's relentless in his pursuit of the football.

The Virginia Beach native believes that his passion for the game and his will to win are among his strongest attributes.

"My aggression has always been a strength, my will to win, and my passion for playing," Hutson said.

"I love playing football, and being on the field. I clap a lot when I’m playing, I’m having so much fun. I also like to study technique film, of players I look up to."

Taking home the Trenchman MVP award is a stellar accomplishment for Hutson. It demonstrates that his hard work and effort is paying off. The Diamond Youth All-American Bowl is a great place for young talents like Hutson to show off their talent.

"It was a great experience, a lot of talented players not only on my team, but the other teams in the 8th grade division as well," Hutson said.

"Diamond events are always great, they treat us so well as players. I had a great team, we all got along, and enjoyed being around each other, made some great friends," he added.

2022 TE/FB/DT Paul Hutson III is a talented young athlete that makes a strong impact on both sides of the ball. If his performance at the Diamond Youth All-American Bowl is an indication of what's to come, Hutson has an extremely bright future ahead of him.

"I am working on my get off, to really put pressure on the offensive lineman," Hutson said.

"I try to make every play on defense a big play for my team. Even if I don’t make the tackle, I want to make the offense not be able to function," he added.



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