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FBU New Jersey 2015 Top Offensive Performers

This weekend in Dover, New Jersey a completely sold out FBU camp took place with hundreds of prep football players working to get better.  There were several D1 caliber athletes in the high school group and the middle school group also featured a number of standouts with national recognition already.  Below are the offensive standouts from the 2015 FBU NJ camp.


Trey Dawson – 2019

A native of Connecticut, Dawson was named MVP of the middle school group at the camp.  In the neighborhood of 6’4, he looks like the part of a future college quarterback for sure.  He’s very tall and long and really steps into each of his throws.  Dawson was very accurate throughout the camp and his consistency is what really stood out about him.

Tyler Van Dyke – 2019

Van Dyke was a player that stood out early by passing the eye test with his height and broad shoulders.  However, Van Dyke’s play on the field didn’t start to match his appearance until the afternoon session on Saturday.  He began to speak up and looked noticeably more comfortable than in the early stages of the camp.  Next season he will attend Glastonbury High School and look to coninue to sharpen his skills.

Jahquil Batts – 2020

Batts is only a 7th grader, but you can tell there is something in his game.  He’s very light on his feet and is highly athletic, making numerous throws on the run.  Playing in the feeder program for Montclair High School (one of New Jersey’s top public high school football programs), Batts has the physical tools that coaches love to work with.

Running Back

Kolbe Burrell – 2020

Burrell put on some very noticeable muscle and grew several inches since we saw him last July.  The Pennsylvania-native has a classic running back build and looked very comfortable with the ball in his hands.  He competed hard throughout the camp and got better with every rep.

Jacob Huhn – 2019

Getting set to head off to Pope John High School in New Jersey, Huhn had a very solid football camp.  He has very good strength for a running back and deceiving speed as well.  Huhn was a standout in his local youth football league and it’s easy to see why when watching him live.

Jordan Davis – 2019

Davis wasn’t nearly as tall as I thought he would be, but he still was noticeably one of the top middle school backs at the camp.  Davis showed off some very good hands out of the backfield and great speed during drills.  Next year he’ll be attending St. Joseph’s High School in Metuchen, New Jersey.

Wide Receiver

Jayse Bradley – 2019

Bradley is a big kid and was easily the tallest receiver in the middle school group at 6’1 and 160 pounds.  Throughout the camp he showed pretty reliable hands and has some good straight ahead speed.  Once he continues to grow into his body he’ll become more fluid with his movements and route running.  Next year he’ll be attending Bergen Catholic and is a member of one of the top incoming classes in the country.

Tracy Bowers – 2019

Bowers actually registered and participated in the camp as a running back, but with his height and length he looks like a receiver to me.  My thoughts were then verified when he out-jumped a defensive back to snag a pass out of the air.  He said he’ll be attending St. Peter’s Prep in the fall and told me he thinks he’ll be used as both a receiver and a running back.

Offensive Line

Bryan Felter – 2020

Felter was the top offensive lineman by a wide margin at the camp.  At 6’1, 250 he has a great build for only being a 7th grader and used his strength to overmatch his opponents all camp long.  Named an All-American this past December, Felter looks even better than he did in Naples.

Andrew Mullins-Grant – 2019

Mullins-Grant made the trip to New Jersey from Montreal and he made the most of his trip.  At 6’1 and right around 300 pounds he’s a very big kid that is tough to move.  He was especially impressive sitting his big pass blocking stance, as I didn’t see him lose a 1-on-1 match up. Mullins-Grant, like most big men at this level, needs to work on his speed and quickness in order to maximize his ability.  



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