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Y1ACT hitting the hardwood with Zybek Sports

Youth1 Media and Zybek Sports have teamed up in an exciting partnership to bring the Y1ACT to young athletes across the country.

The Y1ACT is a universal combine test with standardized measurement across key athletic performance metrics. The total score of all these metrics indicates how an athlete measures up against other athletes.

 Zybek Sports is top provider of talent identification and performance analysis equipment. Their state of the art equipment has provided testing for the NFL Combine as well as other prestigious athletic events.

The NBA combine is becoming almost as big of an event as the NFL combine. Athletes in the NBA are more athletic now than ever before, putting more of an emphasis on drill work. NBA combine drills include standing vertical leap, max vertical leap, shuttle run, lane agility and a three quarter sprint.

Learning these drills at an early age benefits young basketball players in a variety of different ways.

First and foremost all of these drills help players improve on the court. Doing drills such as a shuttle run or a three quarter sprint consistently will help young ballers become better athletes and basketball players.

Besides becoming a better athlete, an athlete knowing were he stands among the best in the country is also very beneficial. All athletes are constantly getting better or trying to improve one area of their game. Comparing scores to the best in the country can help a player identify what areas of his game he needs to improve upon.  

Moving forward Youth1 and Zybek Sports will be testing different athletes, helping them in their, young athletic careers. If you are a coach, player or tournament director interested in these tests, please email me at ncaprio@youth1.com.


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