Spire Academy set to play Garfield Heights setting up showdown between LaMelo Ball and Meechie Johnson | Youth1

Spire Academy set to play Garfield Heights setting up showdown between LaMelo Ball and Meechie Johnson

Something big is brewing in the Northeast Ohio basketball world….

If you’re an avid basketball fan you are probably aware that LaMelo Ball is back from his stint in Lithuania. The 6’6 point guard is playing for Spire Academy in Geneva, Ohio. Ball’s ability can sometimes be overlooked thanks to the theatrics of his family but make no mistake, Ball is a serious high school talent who will be playing college ball for a big time program in the near future.

Since Ball took his talents to Ohio Garfield Heights head coach Sonny Johnson has been lobbying for a game between the two squads. Garfield Heights has a young capable squad led by point guard Meechie Johnson, who is making a name for himself as one of the best point guards in all of Ohio.

After clearing the idea with the Ohio High School Athletic Association Spire and Garfield Heights have both agreed to play on November 29th at Euclid High School, the game will start at 7 P.M. The highly anticipated showdown is drawing a lot of interest hence the move to Euclid High School, it was originally supposed to be played at Garfield Heights but moved because Euclid’s gym can hold around 3,000 people.  

The hype leading up to the game has been real, as for the game itself it should be interesting. Garfield Heights will definitely miss Alonzo Gaffney who moved on to Ohio State but is still dangerous thanks to the combination of Meechie Johnson and Brison Waller. Spire is headlined by LaMelo but is also deep with talent including 2019 Michigan State top recruit Rocket Watts.

It’ll be fun to see how these two teams matchup on Thursday and who ultimately walks away with a W.


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