MSHTV Camp to host over 400 youth basketball players in its third year | Youth1

MSHTV Camp to host over 400 youth basketball players in its third year

The third annual MSHTV Showcase will take place at the Jonathan Byrd Fieldhouse, on September 29th through October 1st. This event is in its third year and has grown exponentially since its inception.

Ty Kish, MSHTV director spoke about what he hopes to accomplish in year three of this event.

"We really beefed up the staff this year, we have more coaches, more evaluators and more media.” Said Kish. “Getting these kids exposure is what it’s all about, we are never satisfied with the amount of exposure.

Exposure is what MSHTV does best, last year the camp was filled with highlights which went viral, high-profile players who lived up to hype and some unknown athletes who got to put their skill set on a national platform.

This year proves to be much of the same as the best talent from the 2021-2024 classes look to make a name for themselves. With over 400 athletes in attendance and multiple media organizations such as HoopDiamonds, Ballislife, D-RichTV and Slam Magazine filming, there are going to be plenty of highlights to go around.

One of the familiar faces in attendance will be 2021 Phenom Terrance Clark. Clark is 6’6” and has all the tools needed to be a high school superstar. As long as he continues to work hard and develop his game, he will be one of the most highly recruited players in the class of 2021.

Emoni Bates is another player who has blown up on YouTube. Looking at his highlights it is easy to see what makes him so deadly on the court, 6’7 in 8th grade with the handles and shooting ability of a guard. He is basically unguardable and another player who will be highly coveted in his recruiting class.

Elijah Fischer is a late riser in the class of 2023; he has turned a lot of heads in the past year with his impressive play. Fischer possesses the size and athleticism to really make some noise at the MSHTV Camp.

If you are interested in attending the MSHTV Camp make sure you sign up before registration closes on September 25th.


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