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Fundamentals of developing a free throw routine

Free throws are the simplest part of the game of basketball, you get fouled, and you go to the line to get two or three free shots.

So how can something so simple be so difficult at the same time?  

For young basketball players it is important to develop a routine when it comes to free throws. No matter what that routine is, make sure it is something that you are personally comfortable with.

There have been many players in NBA history who have had unusual free throw methods, who have also been very successful. Rick Barry for example, shot .893 from the free throw line for his career shooting granny style. That is only .10 percent lower than Steph Curry so far in his career.

Another important thing to remember when it comes to free throws is not to overlook them. Basketball is a game of repetition; many players want to develop their three-point shot or post game first, which is understandable. It is important to work on free throws as much as any other part of your game.

A perfect example of this is Lebron James, Lebron is the most dominate player in the world and has been for almost 12 years now. One area of Lebron’s game, which you could call a weakness, is his free throws. Especially early in his career, Lebron got the reputation of not wanting to go to the line late in games. However over the last couple of years, Lebron has made it a point to improve his free throw percentage because he knows how important they can be down the stretch of a game.

So for all of the young basketball players out their, make sure you develop a routine that you are comfortable with and also do not overlook free throws, they are just as important as anything in the game of basketball.


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