6th graders steal the show at 2018 MSHTV Camp | Youth1

6th graders steal the show at 2018 MSHTV Camp

The MSHTV Camp is an event known for high-flying dunks, flashy uniforms and YouTube mixtapes. In such a high paced, energetic environment it can be hard sometimes for younger players to get the recognition they deserve.

That was not the case this year as the 6th graders stole the show with the performance they put on in the 2025 all-star game. It was a high scoring back and forth contest, which created a buzz attracting people from different courts to watch.

Jahvon Myles had the highlight of the game sinking a step back three, which sent the crowd into a frenzy and the game into sudden death OT.

Tai Coleman would end the game a few minutes later with a break away layup off a turnover.

The game was special and well played especially for a group of young players. Below are a couple of kids who really stood out.

Josiah Sutton: Josiah is the type of player a coach dreams of having on their roster. He is as skilled as they come for a 2025 player and is tough as nails. It’s rare to find a player who excels both offensively and defensively but that's exactly what you get from Josiah every time he steps on the court.


Jahvon Myles: Jahvon aka Ninja is the show stopper, the type of player a kid would create in his NBA 2K. He’s got the ball on a string and hits big shots like Chauncy Billups. He is also the fastest kid on the court at any given time, it is impossible for any defender to stay in front of him. 


Keon Fuller: Big, Strong, Athletic, three words to describe Fuller. Fuller is very new to basketball as his first experience with basketball came just three months ago. However being a 6’5 prospect in the 6th grade with natural athleticism and a great work ethic makes his upside substantial.


Isaiah Spencer: Isaiah is a marksman, leaving that kid open is like automatically putting points on the board, he is also long and athletic and knows how to finish around the rim.



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