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3 potential breakout players attending the CP3 National Middle School Combine

The CP3 National Middle School Combine will take place this upcoming weekend in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The “CP3 Camps” brand is known for evaluating talent; new players emerge on the national scene every year after this camp and finally get the recognition they deserve as top prospects.

Below are three potential breakout players attending the 2018 National Middle School Combine. 

David Delancy- Guard- 2023

Delancy has been to some of the best events all over the country showing off his versatility. Delancy is a great teammate who can facilitate and get his teammates involved but can also take over a game with his shooting ability. He can knock down the three-ball and mid-range jumper efficiently making it difficult for defenders to guard him. It will be interesting to see how he competes with some of the top talent in the class of 2023.

Cameron Mercadel- Guard- 2024

Last year Mercadel was one of the youngest players in attendance at the CP3 Middle School Combine. If anyone doubted him it was short lived as Mercadel shook off almost everyone who tried to guard him and finished around the rim with an assortment of moves. A year of maturity will only help Mercadel as he looks to improve upon his performance last year.


Zach Fluellen- Guard- 2023

Fluellen is another 2023 player who turned heads at last year’s event. His ability to make the right plays all over the court along with his shooting abilities makes him a valuable asset on the court. He is another player poised to break out and take that next step in his game at this year’s camp.    


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