2023-25's best will be evaluated at the CP3 National Middle School Combine | Youth1

2023-25's best will be evaluated at the CP3 National Middle School Combine

The CP3 National Middle School Combine will take place on November 2nd-4th in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The “CP3 Camps” brand is one of the best camps available for young basketball players. Players invited to these camps receive top notch coaching and instruction from some of the best basketball minds in the country.

The CP3 Brand offers the best mix of showcase and instructional basketball. In today’s world parents, players and even coaches are all over social media trying to promote their child or team. While some of them may have good intentions, relentlessly promoting kids on social media can be harmful to their basketball development. People are becoming to focused on highlights and mixtapes, instead of actually becoming a better player.

Trying to make a name for yourself is not a bad thing; in fact social media exposure is crucial in the game today. It is important to balance improving on the court and flashing your highlights off the court.

The CP3 National Middle School Combine is the perfect opportunity for players trying to gain exposure, while improving their game at the same time. Those invited to attend the CP3 National Middle School Combine experience a weekend of professional training and instruction from coaches located across North America and throughout the world. Campers will learn, work, and compete in both individual (skill sessions) and team (live game action) settings.

Along with world-class instruction, players will also get plenty of social media exposure; CP3 will be posting highlights and top performers on their Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Chanel.

With all the talent in attendance it will be interesting to see who impresses the most.


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