2022’s Jacob Tegeler-Hudgins has an effortless stroke from beyond the arc | Youth1

2022’s Jacob Tegeler-Hudgins has an effortless stroke from beyond the arc

Jacob Tegeler-Hudgins is one of the best players from the Tampa, FL area in the Class of 2022.  


The 6-foot-1, 160-pound Tegeler-Hudgins, who attends Sickles High School, is a dynamic player that works as a shooting guard. 



Tegeler-Hudgins has earned plenty of recognition during his career, such as: All-Tournament Player at AAU nationals (2018) and Player of the Tournament (2019) at AAU nationals.  

Tegeler-Hudgins is humbled by the accolades. 

“These awards are an acknowledgement of my hard work and dedication off the court to improve my overall game performance i.e. shooting, ball handling, strength, and endurance. These awards have improved my confidence and realization of a higher level of performance on the court. It has helped to transform me into one of the key team leaders and motivators for my teammates,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “It is a great honor to win these awards and be recognized by my coaches and teammates. Being selected by my coaches conveys to me that during these tournaments I worked extremely hard for my team by being the leading scorer, and having a high percentage of the team rebounds, assists and steals,” 

No matter the opponent, every game Tegeler-Hudgins is determined to give it his all. 


Tegeler-Hudgins is going all out. 


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Tegeler-Hudgins steps between the lines.


“My role as a shooting guard is to shoot lights out, be an aggressive/tenacious defensive player and have great ball handling skills. I have a great 3 point shot and percentage and the “go to player” on our team to shoot the ball. My position is to be the captain on the floor. I look to get open and get the ball, then score as many times as I can during a game. As a captain on the court, I establish the tempo of the game, lead by example playing tough defense, hit the open man, drive if able to or dish to the open man. I strongly believe if you play hard defense it can help drive my offensive game and you must make things happen....it can change the entire team’s level of performance. I am a very coachable player and can then help relay that information to my team to improve our offense and defensive play. If I am locked up, I look to get my teammate the ball to score. I look to create balance for my team: shoot the 3-point shot first, look for an open teammate or drive the hole to make the short shot or dish the ball to an open player as I penetrate. Ultimately, I know my role...I am a shooter, so I need to score for my team. One of my strengths is also that I have good “court awareness” and see the open player. I know the plays and help direct the players if they need assistance. I am not a selfish player and work as a team in all games,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “I am both mentally tough and physically tough, demonstrate resilience, perseverance and a “never quit” attitude on and off the court. I have a huge passion and love for the game, and I am willing to put in the hard work daily to achieve success in the sport of basketball. I have a positive attitude and begin each day with gratitude. I believe in being a good sport and display good character and integrity as a young man.”


Tegeler-Hudgins has great passion and energy whenever he’s on the court. Tegeler-Hudgins tells why he enjoys the game of basketball so much. 


“The thing I love most about the game is the competition, the comradery with my teammates, and the emotional highs from incredible plays to my boys. I love splashing as many 3s as I can to boost my team to a win,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “Traveling with AAU to other cities/states to compete with some of the best players in my age group is pretty sweet too.”


Tegeler-Hudgins has learned many valuable lessons from playing basketball that he applies to his everyday life. 


“Playing the game has taught me a lot but most importantly it has shown me that nothing is just given to you. You must work hard to improve your game and to win the big tournaments and when you do, it is a ton of fun! No matter what ups and downs you face you must remain dedicated to your dreams and goals. Never lose sight of your ultimate goal nor your vision!” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “Try to be positive in all I do and look for the good in every situation. All these life skills will transfer and serve me well in college and my future career. It teaches you to get up and work harder when you fail. Life is not always fair, but you have to make the best of the situation. You learn most by your failures and to use these as learning experiences and not let it get you down.”


Tegeler-Hudgins takes his role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Tegeler-Hudgins makes sure he’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“I acknowledge and praise my teammates for their successes and help/support them when they're having an off game. I am a good teammate because I am a team player and not a selfish player. I look to pass the ball to the open player. I always encourage my teammates and help lead the team both on and off the court. It is important to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and character. If one of our teammates is down on themself, I offer positive words of encouragement and support them. I lead by example and motivate my teammates both in games and practice. I understand and own my position and role on the team. A good teammate pushes you to improve your game and basketball performance. Finally, to demonstrate by my play that we win as a team and lose as a team,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “The best advice I have given my teammates is that we win as a team and the team is more than just one individual player. To never, never give up, and always have a positive attitude, no matter what. Even if we are down by 50 points, we will not give up, but we will fight to the end. Even if we lose at least we know that we gave it everything we had. We must communicate on the court if we want to win. Finally, that everyone on the court for our team must always have a high energy level, hustle and a must win attitude.”


Tegeler-Hudgins is appreciative of having amazing male role models that are supportive.


“I have learned from my coaches to respect others and their basketball skills they bring to the team. I have learned a lot from watching other elite players, attending basketball camps in the off-season, working one on one with individual coaches. These coaches have taught me that my dedication, hard work and passion for the game is key to moving to the next level and improving my game. They have taught me that you must put in work and that you practice as you play. You cannot have two standards, one for practice and one for games. You must work hard at practice!! I have learned that I can go to them for anything because they like family. The coaches have stressed that I must believe them and trust the process if I want to grow to be an elite player and move to the college level of competition. One of my coaches stressed that in life you must always be a man of your word. Also, in your life you must be honest no matter what. I must always have the integrity to do what is right. As players we must not put our teammates down but always encourage them no matter what. Finally, my coaches have taught me how to play at a high level of basketball, what it takes to get to the next level and play college basketball,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “The best advice a coach has given me is to never, never give up, and always give 110 percent. He told me to train outside of my comfort zone with my skills drills. You put in the work, that is why you are the best shooter in the gym, believe it! Trust the process! Do your job. Shoot the ball!”


Tegeler-Hudgins patterns his play after this rising rookie. 

“I look up to Tyler Herro. I feel like he is a good leader even though he is a rookie. He is an amazing shooter and an aggressive player on the court,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “I feel like my game play is like his and I work hard every day to raise my skills and 3 point shot to his level. Tyler is known for his work ethic, confidence, and unique swag!”

Tegeler-Hudgins lists marine biology as his favorite subject in school. 


“I like animals and I am a master scuba diver,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “I love the tranquil world of the ocean and animals that truly control our world. So massive and powerful beyond man!”


Tegeler-Hudgins explains his collegiate aspirations. 


“My dream college is the University of Louisville. I grew up in Louisville and always went to the games which just made me want to play on that court during college someday,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “They have an incredible national reputation for producing great basketball players and have won national titles. Kentucky is known for their basketball. They are the best of the best!”


Tegeler-Hudgins is striving for greatness in all that he does. 


“My goal on the court is to always give 100 percent, never give up and score as much as possible, and off the court it is to maintain good grades (A’s and B’s), and respect,” Tegeler-Hudgins said. “My goal is to have my play and grades earn me a college scholarship. I hope my on-court work and effort can help me earn funds to pay for my degree so I can have a successful career start!”


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