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2019 John Lucas All-Star Weekend recap and top performers

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Story written by Darnell Tate and Horace Neysmith

Once again John Lucas All-Star Weekend was loaded with talent in every age group. They had heavy hitters as far as California and New Jersey. There were a high number of prospects I can definitely see being recruited at the highest level in a few years.

When it was said and done it were two of the powerhouse teams in the 8th grade finals. Nike Team Griffin Elite and the Houston Hoops Blue Chips. The game ended in appropriate fashion when our tournament MVP, 2023 Jaden Greathouse, sealed the game with a clutch trey from the corner. The game was loaded with a number of highly regarded players but he stood out among the crowd.

The 7th grade finals was just as exciting with the Arkansas Rising Stars knocking off the Team FOE Elite in a tight one point win. FOE Elite is loaded and had a size advantage but the Rising Stars took the air out the ball, forcing FOE out the zone, then utilized its speed and quickness to secure the win. 2024's 6’0 Luke Coughran and 6’0 Courtney Crutchfield were effective all weekend and did most of the damage in the championship for the Rising Stars.

Top performers from the tournament below:

5'3 2023 Orlando Horton (Houston Hoops Blue Chips) Houston, TX

This little fella has stroke and shot it with confidence. He had no problem getting his shot off on much taller players. When closed out on I saw him take a few dribbles and pull up. He knew how to get buckets.

5'10 2023 Jaden Greathouse (Houston Hoops Blue Chips) Austin, TX

This may be the best I’ve seen Jaden play. He was a dominant, physical defender. He guarded much taller players and had no problem getting physical. Offensively in the championship, he was a man amongst boys. He started the run in the 1st half and closed out the game with a dagger three, with less then 40 seconds left.

6'3 2023 Christopher Lockert (Houston Hoops Blue Chips) Houston, TX

He was mr do it all for the Blue Chips the whole weekend. He played all 5 positions. When they needed a bucket, pass are rebound, he answered over and over again. His versatility is his strength. He made a few good plays in the championship game, but you can see he was running out of gas.

6'7 2023 Tyler Ringgold (Houston Hoops Blue Chips) Baton Rouge, LA

He played the best I’ve ever seen him play in the championship game going up against 6’10 Ibandzo. It was a battle and he was more then up for the task. He hit the mid range jumper with great consistency and banged in the post and scored numerous times over the big man. His improvement over last year has been dramatic.

6'5 2023 Zyon Little Houston Hoops Blue Chips) Friendswood, TX

He was the glue guy that made many plays that help the Blue Chips win the championship. He made defensive stop after defensive stop. He grabbed clutch free throws on both ends and when needed to got a big bucket. He has a really nice upside.

6'2 2023 Corey Kelly (Houston Hoops Blue Chips) Houston, TX

This young man stayed in attack mode all weekend. He was unstoppable at times getting to the cup. He took contact and finish. He was a goon on both ends. He seemed to play in gear, fast and hard.

6'10 2023 David Oyona Ibandzo (Nike Team Griffin Elite) Covington, OK

The big fella kind of coasted all weekend until the championship game and when challenged he answered the bell and the battle ensued against Ringgold and it was a great battle to watch. Even though Ringgold had his success, big David started contesting ever shot and sitting in the post and started punishing in the post. He had a couple statement making dunks. If he continues playing like that, the skies the limit for the big fellas.

6'7 2023 Omaha Biliew (Nike Team Griffin Elite) Des Moines, IA

He may have been the most talented player of the weekend. At 6’7 there’s almost nothing he can’t do, but what’s special is watching his patience on the offensive end, as a young kid is outstanding. He can hit you from three, knock down the mid-range jump shot are take you of the dribble and get to the basket. Even when with cruising, he looks like the best player on the floor.

6'3 2023 Jayden Nicholson (Nike Team Griffin Elite) St Louis, MO

With all the talent on the floor at times Jayden looked like the best player and prospect at times. He knows how to score and take advantage of mismatches. He post up smaller players and goes by bigger ones. He wasn’t afraid to put the team on his back when needed.

6'2 2023 Drew Steffe (Nike Team Griffin Elite) Dallas, TX

Having seen him play over the years, he had the ball in his hands a lot. With this team they use him as a sniper. He knocked big 3 after big 3. He knocked some from NBA range.

5'10 2023 Bryson Warren (Nike Team Griffin Elite) Little Rock, AR

He handles the ball on a string and was the man that made the team go. He would get in the lane and raise havoc. He played in three gears. He kept teams honest by knocking down the occasional three.

6’2 2023 Brennon Clemmons (Nike Team Griffin Elite) Wichita, KD

He showed flashes of what he can be in the future. He was physical and he got most his work in the paint. He showed occasional explosiveness. He banged on a both end and stayed on the glass. He still a little raw, but plays with effort, which is always a good thing.

6'3 2024 Ethan Wilkerson (Nike Proskills) Durant, OK

The big fella is wide body with good skills. He was very effective in the post using both hands. He was very effective catching the ball at the free throw line, turning and facing and making the right decision. He wasn’t afraid to bang and he did it well. He played within himself and that really impressed me. He did get winded at times; I like to see him get in better shape.

6'3 2023 Dean Balo (Nike Proskills) Richardson, TX

He played with flair and was definitely fun to watch. He made two are three passes that no one seem to see. He was very good at making difficult shots. He could knock down the deep three and get to the paint and get a bucket. He played outstanding all weekend but really disappointed me in the semi-finals. I was definitely looking for more.

5’8 2023 Bobby McWard (Nike Proskills) Prosper, TX

With all the height on the court at times hands down Bobby looked like the toughest on the court. He had very good handles and outstanding court vision. What impressed me the most his willing to take the big shot and of that meant getting in the lane and finishing with the trees he did that. He was the heart and soul and believe me his heart was huge.

5'10 2023 Addison Harmon (Nike Proskills) Propser, TX

He was another one of those high IQ point guards I witness this past weekend. He played with good pace. He controlled the tempo of the game and made very good decision. When he felt he needed to take over and make a play he did. He didn’t force nothing just let the game come to hims

6'7 2023 Lamarius Rayston (Truth OC) Denver, CO

The big fella gets better every time I see him play. He’s way more active and has become a very good rim protector and at times a dominant rebounder. He had no problem attacking and punishing the rim. He has a tremendous upside.

6'0 2023 Michael Price (Truth OC) Chicago, IL

This kid has the potential to be special. At times he looked to be going through the motions and still looked like the best player on the court. He had the ability to score on anybody and at will. He had an inner toughness that showed on the defensive end. He had a good feel and didn’t force much. He found the open man a number of times. You can tell he can be much better.

6’9 2023 Kendrick Deluna (S.A. Fire) San Antonio, TX

The big fella may have the biggest upside in the camp. He showed excellent footwork. I heard questions about his toughness. Well this weekend, I watched him compete on both ends and if that took throwing a bow are moving someone out the way he did that. He was a local leader and I heard that was new from him.

6'2 2023 Jaylen Gardner (S.A. Fire) San Antonio, TX

Strong, attacking guard with good finishing ability. Tough to keep out the paint, particularly when driving right. Defends well and rebounds position.

6’4 2023 Camerin James (E1T1 Rebel’s) Apopka, FL

I love his silky smooth game. He plays with so much patience and maturity. He doesn’t force it and knows how to take advantage of mismatches. He’s long and bouncy and with his skill set, makes him one of the highest potential players in his class. I don’t think his talent has really been tapped.

5’7 2023 Jaylin Smith (E1T1 Rebel’s) Ocee, FL

The lefty is tough as nails. He gets into on both ends. He wants the ball in his hands when the game is tight and more then not he produced. He’s very consistent from deep but he’s more effective getting in the paint and raising havoc.

5’9 2023 Jordan Ross (Utah Elite) Cedar Hills, UT

He’s a real heady PG, with an high IQ and great feel for the game. He plays way beyond his years. He has excellent court vision and handles. He must get stronger and if that happens over the summer he will be a high-level impact player for his new high school team.

5’8 2023 Nahmier Robinson (Utah Elite) Seattle, WA

He competes wants he walks on the court. He’s an elite defender and guards for 94 feet. From last year to this year, he’s shown great improvement. He loves to play off the dribble and get in the lane.

5’5 2023 Quentin Meza (Utah Elite) West Valley City, UT

I heard a lot people talking about this kid and that kid were the best shooters of the weekend. For me know one stroke it like Quentin. Every shot he took looked like it was going in. At 5’5 a lot of his shots were contested and that didn’t matter, he still stuck them with the dagger. At 5’5 he had NBA range.

6’4 2023 Drealyn Mosley (Nike EAD) Garland, TX

This kid oozes potential. He still has along was to go but has skills and knows the game. He filled the wing and finished and knocked down some timeline jumpers. His team was short handed so towards the end of the tournament I think he ran out of gas.

6’2 2023 Evan Phelps (UA TX Hardwork) Odessa, TX

This young fella was a scoring machine. I watch him have to 30 plus games and it looked looked easy. He scored in every way imaginable and did it was a flair. He did this all while being double and sometime triple teamed.

6’ 2023 Christian Williams (BWSL Mock) Hampton, VA

He was one of the few bright spots for Boo Williams. He competed from opening tip and played downhill the whole game. He tried over and over again to put the team on his back. He played through contact. Even when down big he played with the same intensity. That showed me a lot.

5’8 2023 Terrance Ford (TJ Ford Elite) Houston, TX

He’s a little general on the court. He’s fast but plays in gears. He attack’s and gets to the rim. He has decent court vision and more then not made the right pass.

5’5 2025 Jalen Reece (E1T1 Rebel’s 2024) Orlando, FL

The young fella played up and showed he belongs. He ran his team and was their leader on the court. He quick and crafty. His IQ is beyond his years.

5’11 2025 Kohen Rowbatham (Elfrid Payton Elite 2024) Slidell, LA,

He’s the programs namesake with a jumper. I loved his patience and pace. I really like how he took over when he knew his teammates weren’t ready. Now we are talking about the youngest player on the team. He didn’t take many bad shots and gave the tournament favorite Team Griffin Elite all they wanted. He definitely made a statement this past weekend.

6-0 2024 Vyctorious Miller (Hoop City) Los Angeles, CA

Long, smooth pg with run team mentality. He has tools to get to the basket and finish with both hands, utilizing his change of pace. Showed very good mid-range and solid from three.

5-9 2024 Hercy Miller (Hoop City) Los Angeles, CA

There were some good shooters in town this weekend but Miller had one of the best strokes among them. He has a quick trigger, doing a great job of getting his feet ready to let it fly. It's not an anomaly to see him hit 5-6 threes in a game, more the norm.

5-10 2024 Nas Beamon (Hoop City) Milwaukee, WI

Was tough to keep out the lane, strong build allows him to finish through contact. Quick first step gets him by his defender and into the lane where he wreaked havoc.

6'0 2024 Luke Coughran (Houston Hoops Blue Chips 2014) Katy, TX

This kid just had a knack for scoring. He wasn’t just a jump shooter, he scored in every possible way. He didn’t even see the double team in front of him. He had one of the quickest releases I’ve seen for a 7th grader.

6'1 2024 Marlon Linton (Team FOE Elite) Heartland, TX

He’s a combo guard that can do almost anything thing he wants on the offensive end. He can stroke from deep and get to the basket at will. He’s good passing off the dribble, but more effective attacking to score.

5'9 2024 De'ontrell Barrett (Team FOE Elite Duncanville, TX

He’s a great compliment to Linton. They seem to feed off each other, especially on the defensive end. He gets after at it. He can stroke it and when he gets on a rhythm, he becomes real dangerous.

6'7 2024 Doryan Onwuchekwa (Team FOE Elite) Wills Point, TX

He’s long and young so you expect him to be more talent then finish product. He ran the floor and finish numerous times on the break. He got quite a few block over the weekend and did a decent job protecting the rim.

6'5 2024 Jereme Richardson (Team FOE Elite) Allen, TX.

He was aggressive and tried to make things happen. When he made a bad play he didn’t get down on himself and tried to come back and make a play. He had decent touch around the rim and played within himself. He has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing the progress in the near future.

5’9 2024 Raylin Grant (Freebandz Elite 2024) Statesboro, GA

This kid was a physical monster. He was bully on both ends. He punished his opponents on the offensive end by getting to the basket over and over again and if you were in his was he went through you. He also had the finesse to his game. He knocked down quite of few midrange jump shots and a couple threes. He was the most imposing player on the court by far


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