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Youth1 Player of the Week: 2019 G Marcedus Leech

Many players in the 2019-2022 classes opened the eyes of scouts and scribes at last month’s Middle School Hoops Showcase in Indianapolis, but none more so than 2019 combo guard Marcedus Leech.


The 6’5” Leech was spectacular during the two day event, averaging nearly 40 points per game while displaying the ability to make a contested three or drive to the basket and throw down a spectacular dunk. Leech was so impressive that he earned offers from Vanderbilt and Missouri. He already has offers from New Mexico State and Jacksonville State as well.

“He’s a high volume scorer and slasher who is being transformed into a combo guard so he can play both the one and two,” said his dad and trainer, Don Webb.

Leech plays for the highly regarded We All Can Go AAU program and is attending Poplar Bluff High School in Missouri, the alma mater of Tyler and Ben Hansbrough.

Leech is in the gym five nights a week from 7-8:30pm with Webb, refining his offensive skill set and working on becoming a defensive stopper. To no one’s surprise, the long, lean lefty models his game after NBA star James Harden.

“The way he shot the ball we do that everyday in the gym,” said Webb. “It didn’t surprise me, he just had to do it under the lights.”

Leech is adjusting to his first semester in high school and is preparing for two major events in December. He will be taking the ACT and competing in the Show Me Showdown in Poplar Bluff.

“This is all new to him.” He’s like an overnight thing,” said Webb.

Two of Nation's Best Freshmen Marcedus Leech VS Francis Okoro | Top 10 Matchup @ MSHTV Camp #WACG




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