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2020 PG Jordan Toles: "Westbrooking" at NEO Youth Elite

Jordan Toles was already considered a top 10 prospect in 2020, but his name has been even hotter on the circuit because of his amazing performance at the NEO Youth Elite National Camp against other top players.

The 6’2, 185 lb. PG from Baltimore showed he could do it all against top competition from around the world. But what he did Friday night at the Slam Dunk contest has made him go viral.

“That was actually my first time doing the through the legs,” Toles said.

Toles went on to say what was going through his mind while he was in the air. “I just know I was super high and when I made it, I couldn’t do anything but scream,” he added. “Then after that I was just smiling the whole time. I was amazed.”

Probably even more amazing than him completing this dunk was his response to how can he jump so high at a young age. “I never really did any calf or leg workouts,” he said. “It’s kind of genetic. My dad had bounce.”

Outside of the Slam Dunk Contest, Toles showed he could do a lot more than just dunk. He showed the rest of the nation that he could score at will and keep the defense on its toes by always attacking and displaying good playmaking abilities.

Toles said he really loved the environment NEO gave him that weekend. “It was real good and competitive,” he said. “I liked the atmosphere.”

“It’s definitely top five,” when asked about how good he rated the camps compared to the other ones he’s attended.

Last year he finished his middle school career with an undefeated championship season at Deer Park Middle Magnet School in Baltimore County.

Already preparing for his future, he decided to get more experience at his position. “I chose to play point guard so I wasn’t really focused on scoring because I knew I could score easily on the competition.”

His best game of the year came against Southwest Academy. The game went into overtime and they only won by two points. He finished with the stat line of 32 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists. After thinking back on the game he jokingly said, “I have to put the team on my back sometimes.”

Toles currently plays AAU for the Baltimore United and will be attending St. Francis Academy for high school. This summer he’s working on a few things before he steps into high school.

“Just consistency. My jumper has gotten way better since last year but I just have to work on getting it more consistent,” he said. “That and just becoming a better point guard.”

Here is a highlight tape of Toles, “(Russell) Westbrooking” as he calls it at the NEO Camp. “That’s not my favorite player but he’s my role model,” he said. “I model my game after him.”

To clear up any confusion Lebron James is his favorite player but Westbrook fits his playing style. He’s also gotten compared to a young Dwayne Wade. Time will tell just how true these comparisons will be as he continues to grow, but either way, being compared to NBA All-Stars is always a good sign.



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