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The Sophomore Spotlight 200 by the Numbers

Last week we released our Sophomore Spotlight 200. Our first edition features the class of 2023.

The Sophomore Spotlight 200 serves as another avenue for athletes to be recognized for the hard work they've put into their respective games.

For those that may have missed it or those that would like to check it out again, please do so right -> here.

To provide further insight into the Sophomore Spotlight 200, here is the SS200 by the numbers!



Over 1000 athletes were considered for the Sophomore Spotlight 200. The 2023 class is full of extremely talented athletes. Well over 1000 athletes were given strong consideration.


The heaviest member of the SS200 is Lineman Miles McVay, who we've been covering here at Youth1 since his middle school days. He uses his 350 pounds to dominate in the trenches. 


The number of athletes on our Sophomore Spotlight 200. Being named to the first edition of the SS200 is a major achievement for these athletes.


The number is Linemen on the SS200.


The number of Wide Receivers on the SS200


The number of Quarterbacks on the SS200.


The number of athletes hailing from the state of Florida. Florida has the most athletes out of any state on our SS200.


The number of athletes hailing from the state of Texas.


The number of athletes hailing from both Georgia and California.


The number of players with ATH for their position that made the SS200. "ATH" stands for athlete, meaning these football players are so impactful all over the field they can't be tied down to the label of one or two positions.


The number of Safeties on the SS200.


The tallest athlete on the SS200 is OL/DL Payton Kirkland from Orlando, FL.


This is the 1st edition of the Sophomore Spotlight 200. Our Youth1 team is ecstatic at the opportunity to highlight the elite athletes from sophomore class. This list is our fourth set of prospect reports. Our other reports are the Elite101, Freshman450, and Next Up Watchlist.


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