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Youth1 Spotlight Interview with Class of 2027 athlete Will Schuh

Will Schuh, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound prospect from Georgia, is developing into a versatile lineman that can play on both sides of the football. Schuh played for both the Saint Francis Knights and the North Atlanta Giants last fall. Former NFL running back Brandon Jacobs is head of the North Atlanta Giants. Last season was Schuh’s first with that organization. He’s played three seasons with St. Francis. Schuh spent a lot of time on the defensive line for teams.

“The defense we ran with St. Frances was a 3-4,” Schuh said. “We played with a nose-guard and I would line up on either his left side or his right side.” Schuh added, “For the Giants, we basically ran a 4-3. I also would line up as a nose guard in certain situations.”

Schuh recently posted some camp footage of him participating as an offensive linemen during 1-on-1’s against the defensive line. He displayed a great understanding of how extending his arms when he’s pass-blocking keeps the defender off of his body. However, Schuh made it clear to Youth1 that he prefers the defensive side of the football. “Personally, I like the defensive side of the football better,” Schuh admitted. “I still have to work on getting some pass-rushing moves. I do think I’m a more refined technician as an offensive lineman.”

Another place where Schuh has excelled in is the classroom. He recently earned recognition for his academic performance. Schuh puts a lot of hard-work and dedication into being a true student-athlete in every sense of the word. “We have study-hall during the day,” Schuh said. “We have an hour to get our homework done and no one is allowed to talk during study-hall. That helps out a lot.”

Schuh received an on-field education last season and felt like he became a better football player. “I definitely think I got better with understanding a playbook,” Schuh said when asked what he thinks he got better at as a football player. “We didn’t really have a playbook in fifth-grade and sixth-grade.” Having a playbook helped Schuh understand the offensive better. “I think that (having a playbook) really helped me a lot.”

Another thing that is helping out Schuh as a football player is his participation in track. “I shot-put, throw the discus, run the 4x100 (meters), and run the 100-meter dash,” Schuh told Youth1. “It’s helped me with my conditioning and with my running form.” He is currently working with a speed and agility trainer and is planning to participate in 7-on-7. Schuh feels that he is more of a natural linebacker. Outside of playing the actual game, 7-on-7 is a good way for linebacker to get experience with pass-coverage.

Schuh is hoping that everything that he is doing individually will ultimately help out his St. Francis teammates. He clearly has team-oriented goals.

“My goal is for St. Francis to win a championship because we didn’t win last year. So, I obviously want that. I also want to get bigger and stronger.”





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