Youth1 Spotlight interview with Class of 2025 quarterback Gavin Adams | Youth1

Youth1 Spotlight interview with Class of 2025 quarterback Gavin Adams

Class of 2025 quarterback Gavin Adams received his introduction to high school football this past season as the junior varsity level for Ardrey Kell High School in North Carolina. Adams, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound prospect, also earned a roster spot on the varsity team as a freshman. This is impressive because he didn’t get to play for his middle school team when he was in eighth-graded. Adams and a few of his friends made the most out of what could’ve been a bad situation and ended up playing for a youth organization. “I personally don't think I was behind,” Adams said when asked if he felt behind in his development due to not playing for his middle school. “ I prepared myself pretty well going into high school. So, most of the things I did to prepare enabled me not to be behind.”

Part of Adams’ preparation for the high school level involved working out with his quarterback coach and working out with his future high school teammates. Despite only being a freshman, he set some goals for his first year of high school football.

Some of my goals was to just develop as a player and get a little more mobile because I was struggling with that,” Adams said. “I achieved those goals.” Over the course of his freshman season, he was able to see improvement in himself as a quarterback. “At the beginning of the season, I was very young and still learning the offense,” Adams admitted. Things changed as the season progressed. “Throughout the season, I learned more of the offense and I started making better reads against the defense.”

In the months since the end of his freshman year season, Adams has been working on improving his quarterback skills. “I’m still working on improving my mobility,” Adams said. “I’m trying to get more quicker with my cuts and movement.” He says that he’s currently training with his quarterback coach and plans to participate in 7-on-7 to work on his passing. Adams told Youth1 that he feels that the strongest part of his game is his ball placement. He told Youth1 about a couple of his goals for the upcoming season.

“I want to become a starter and help my team make the playoffs and make a run in the state playoffs.”

Youth1’s Extra Points

Gavin Adams says that he likes playing the quarterback position because he “gets to control the team and meet a lot of people.” He also likes “having the responsibility of leading a team” and calls it a “great feeling.” Adams’ told Youth1 that his favorite NFL player is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He likes the way Rodgers manipulates the defense and controls the game.


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