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Ohio’s James Minor III seeks to make a major impact at NextGen’s The Show

It takes talent and a whole lot of drive, dedication and hard work to take things to the next level. James Minor III has all of those qualities, and it’s beginning to pay off. Case in point: He was selected to NextGen’s The Show that is taking place this June. He was a standout at the NextGen Elite Midwest Showcase this January, where he earned his invitation to the event.

When asked what his reaction was when he was picked for The Show, Minor replied, “It felt good to get an invite. It let me know that I can accomplish anything if I try hard enough―hard work pays off. I want to see how I stand up against the best in the country.”

The speedy, hard-charging running back made a sizable impact while playing for his middle school team, the Winton Woods Warriors, in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. The young athlete models himself after the Dallas Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott, and it shows on the field. Once he finds an opening, watch out―he will use his sturdy 5’9” frame to fight the defense for every yard. And when he hits the open field, he uses his speed (he runs a 4.4 40) to tear off big runs. Minor is also a dangerous receiving threat, using his acceleration to get open and his pass-catching ability to haul in passes.

In the classroom, Minor was a part of Winton Woods’ All-Academic Team. And while the 2023 athlete used his on-field skills to be named a Diamond All American MVP―standing out in a group of talented players―Minor was also an asset playing offense as well as defense for his hometown Warriors. He enjoys playing defense at linebacker, with Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis as an inspiration. Minor’s speed has him quickly heading toward the ball carrier and then using his aggression to stop them in their tracks.

“Those are key positions on offense and defense,” he said. “I want to be a game changer.” 

Minor is preparing for high school football by attending a number of camps that include IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., and the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy camp in Canton, Ohio. He will also be running track to improve his speed as well as weight lifting to add muscle. The young athlete is also talented on the court―he’ll be playing AAU basketball in Buena Vista, Fla.

While Minor has the gridiron gifts to be a rising star on the field, he pointed out that he is always looking to increase his acceleration, power and football smarts to become a constantly improving football player.

“I want to get faster and stronger, and get my football IQ up,” he said. “I’m ready to get better.”


To get a preview of what Minor may show off at The Show, you can take a look at his highlights below.


Article written by Tom Warnick.


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