NextGen's Regional Camp Series is set to launch this weekend in Orlando, FL | Youth1

NextGen's Regional Camp Series is set to launch this weekend in Orlando, FL

NextGen All America Camp is set to host their upcoming regional camp series beginning on January 4th in Orlando, FL. This event is the first of many, with NextGen bringing their high profiled camp to many cities around the country, including Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to name a few.

For those unfamiliar, NextGen camps have become one of the premier youth camps in the country. Over the past few years, NextGen has grown to become one of the top exposure camps for high school and youth football players.

Their invite-only event, The Show, is one of the nation's biggest and best youth football events, as it brings together the absolute best of the best to compete in one location. An invite to The Show can be secured by at standout performance at one of the regional camps in NextGen's camp series.

Youth1 Media is a proud media partner of NextGen, and we are also proud to be bringing our Y1ACT to these NextGen events for the second straight year. Athletes and their Y1ACT results will be featured in the Y1ACT Leaderboard.

Find out more about Youth1's Y1ACT -> here.


Below is the entire list of locations for NextGen's regional camp series.


NextGen Elite Florida Showcase - Orlando, FL - January 4, 2020
NextGen Elite Vegas Showcase - Las Vegas, NV - January 25, 2020

NextGen Elite West Coast Showcase - Los Angeles, CA - January 26, 2020

NextGen Elite Midwest Showcase - Detroit, MI - February 1, 2020

NextGen Elite Mid Atlantic Showcase - Wilmington, DE - February 22, 2020

NextGen Elite Northeast Showcase - Waldwick, NJ - March 28, 2020

NextGen Elite Texas Showcase - Dallas, TX - April 4, 2020

NextGen Elite Mid South Showcase - Nashville, TN - April 18, 2020

NextGen Elite Richmond Showcase - Richmond, VA - April 19, 2020

NextGen Elite Bama Showcase - Birmingham, AL - April 25, 2020

NextGen Elite Atlanta Showcase - Atlanta, GA - April 26, 2020

Register for these events right -> here.


These events are can't miss for youth athletes looking to showcase their skills and gain exposure.

For more on NextGen's regional camp series, please visit their website at or check out their event page here on


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