2027 QB Furian Inferrera steps his game up at The SHOW | Youth1

2027 QB Furian Inferrera steps his game up at The SHOW

It's not too often that a 7th grader is able to compete at a truly high level in the high school division of the show. However, Class of 2027 quarterback Furian Inferrera did just that this past weekend in Atlanta. Inferrera played a huge part in helping to lead Team Mamba to the Diamond Division championship. What's impressive is that he also played for the Platinum Division (youth level) during The SHOW. That's four days worth of games that Inferrra played in and he made the biggest impact in the Diamond Division. His best game was against Team Shock where he threw three touchdowns and zero interceptions. His performance earned him a selection as one of the top quarterbacks in the Diamond Division. 

Youth1 spoke with Inferrera about his performance. He was not fazed at all while playing against high school players. "I learned that I am able to rise to the occasion when faced with a difficult task," Inferrera said. Despite the age gap between him and some of his teammates, Inferrera had no problems getting into a rhythm with his teammates. "I was able to mesh with my teammates quickly," Inferrera said. "I learned to be understanding of the people that you're playing with because everyone is difference experiences in life."

Inferrera, a 6-foot-3, 180-pounder out of Nevada, has offers from Pittsburgh and Utah Tech. He's impressed college coaches early-on, but Inferrera knows he still has a lot of things to work on. 

"I want to continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster," Inferrera said. "I'm always dedicating myself to studying football and different schemes to further my knowledge of the game."

Judging from his performance at The SHOW, Inferrera is mature beyond his years and can handle the pressure of being on the big stage. He had nothing but positive things to say about THE SHOW. 

"I thought it was a great experience. Being able to compete against some of the best competition helped me grow and learn from the tournament. I think I performed really well. I do think there are some finite details I can improve on moving forward."



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