Bryson Brown's ability to affect both sides of the ball makes him a 2027 prospect to watch | Youth1

Bryson Brown's ability to affect both sides of the ball makes him a 2027 prospect to watch

Class of 2027 athlete Bryson Brown has established himself as one of the top two-way football players in his class. Brown is a 5-foot-7, 125-pound, prospect from the state of Oklahoma. He plays both the quarterback and cornerback positions and has excelled at both. Brown has worked hard to become the best he can be at each position and the results of that hard work has paid off. Brown has competed at few a few college camps on both the middle school and high school level and has received mostly positive feedback from college coaches. Youth1 talked to his father, Bryant Brown, about his son's progress as football player from up to the point he started playing up until now. 

Early on, it was evident that the best way to take advantage of Bryson's talent, and get him the football, was to put him at the quarterback position. Mr. Brown says that the strategy was to "just give him (Bryson) the football and let him go". Bryson didn't have to pass that much early in his career and ran the football a whole lot. However, he didn't settle for just being a running quarterback and according to his father, he worked on getting better as a passer. "He's put in the work and has progressed as a passer," Bryant said. "He's still a dual-threat quarterback and can do it all. The great thing about it is that he can turn busted play and make it into something." 

Bryson has been to a few camps on college campuses within the past couple of months. He's been to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. He's gotten the attention of college coaches and is being recruited as an athlete. According to Mr. Brown, Bryson made a great impression on one of the coaches at Tulsa. Bryson has been to a couple of Tulsa camps in the past and is one of the young prospects that the coaching staff has their eyes on early in the recruiting process. "It's been a blessing," Mr. Brown said when asked about how it felt for Bryson to earn that type of attention. "It's been crazy having people reaching out to us." 

Speaking of reaching out, Bryson is already working out with his future coaches and teammates at the high school level. "He works out and practices with the offensive coordinator," Mr. Brown said. "Bryson is working out with both the offensive coordinator and the defensive backs coach. They've pretty much taken him under his their wings." One of the main reasons that Bryson will be headed to that high school is because they will allow him to play on both sides of the football. 

In the meantime, Mr. Brown says that Bryson has improved as a quarterback in the past several month. "He's gotten better at making quick reads," Mr. Brown said. "He's working on scanning the defense and getting the ball out fast with velocity and spin on the football. His arm has gotten stronger." Bryson's improvement has also been seen on the defensive side of the football as well. "He has a great football IQ at his age and has great instincts as a defensive back," Mr. Brown said. "Bryson has great recovery speed and is able to make plays even when he is out of position." Mr. Brown added, "He has gotten better with press-coverage and is becoming more physical. That has enabled him to keep wide receivers from easily getting off the line."

Bryson will be camping at Auburn on Jun. 19. 



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